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Prefab Messiahs - 21st Century Failure

In the 80s Run-D.M.C. informed everyone that unemployment is at a record high and war’s going on across the sea. They had no answers as to why – its just the way it is, that’s all.

Now 30 years later the unemployment is still at a record high and while Run-D.M.C. might no longer be around to provide an explanation (or lack of thereof), The Prefab Messiahs are up for a task. Actually, scratch that – the veteran psych-garage act from Boston, Mass doesn’t have an answer either. What they do have is a desire to set it up, lay it all out and burn it all down (as per liner notes for their new single “21st Century Failure).

There’s not that many musicians I would trust on such an important task, but TPM are more than qualified given their long history together (and their ability to roast the man).  While the song title and the lyrics may suggest pure doom and gloom, the music is anything but – even in the roughest of times, expect Prefab Messiahs they lend that virtual hand (and in this case, a set of matches) to anyone who feels isolated or alone. Now whether to use those matches is up to you, the listener…so make the right choice.

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