Song Premiere: Psychic Graveyard – Loud as Laughter
Song Premiere: Psychic Graveyard – Loud as Laughter

Song Premiere: Psychic Graveyard – Loud as Laughter

Psychic Graveyard - Loud as Laughter

My son’s only word is breath
And after years and years of tests
And a cruel experiment in my chest
All I have is waiting
But there will never be another sound as loud as his laughter

Loud as Laughter comes across as a thrashing, wild beast of a track – frightening in its intensity (think Arab on Radar meets Throbbing Gristle). Listening to it brings back memories of an episode of Soviet-era cartoon Nu Pogodi – the one where main character/villain ends up in a rocket and gets violently shaken for a minute or so in a simulation of an astronaut’s experience.
There’s a reason why it hits so hard – PG (led by ex-AoR / current Doomsday Student Eric Paul) features creme da la creme of noise rock scene in its ranks.

Even more amazing is the backstory of what inspired Eric to write LaL:

I began playing in Psychic Graveyard shortly after my son, Wilder was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. While my love for my son is infinite, the diagnosis was very difficult for me.  One of the more challenging aspects of my son’s development is his struggles with language. He is now 3.5 years and still non-verbal. But still, we communicate in ways that I didn’t think were possible.  Like many of the songs on the upcoming Psychic Graveyard album, the lyric for Loud As Laughter expresses the pain, confusion, and beauty of this journey that I’m on with my wonderful son. 

Loud as Laughter is coming out as a CD single in March via Skin Graft Records (with Liars providing a remix). You can pick up Psychic Graveyard’s debut single Dead in Different Places via SG and you can also catch the band on tour with Child Abuse and New England Patriots this March!

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