Listen: Mega Guest Mix by Great Falls – Pt. 1 + 2
Listen: Mega Guest Mix by Great Falls – Pt. 1 + 2

Listen: Mega Guest Mix by Great Falls – Pt. 1 + 2

How extreme is too extreme when it comes to music (stay out of this if you can, Gary Cherone)? The answer is “no such thing as too extreme”, at least when it comes to music of Washington trio Great Falls. Vicious racket they produce is the result of collaboration between past and present members of Kiss It Goodbye, Playing Enemy, Sutekh Hexen and 3D House Beef (to name just a few).
Much like a recent mix that Charlie Looker put together for us, GF mix does not focus on any specific genre. Rather, it includes bits of everything – from hip-hop (Wu-Tang, M.O.P.) to metal (Krisiun, Sepultura, Meshuggah).
Most recent release by Great Falls is A Sense of Rest – available as both LP (co-release by Corpse Flower / Throatruiner) and CD (Init Records). Read some of the reviews of ASOR on Treble, Ghost Cult Mag, The Sludgelord, Svbterranean, Between the Lines Media and Inhale the Heavy.
Pt. 1 – Brian Eno, Gucci Mane, Soundgarden, Craw, Muslimgauze, Meshuggah, Deathspell Omega, Krisiun, Current 93, Bauhaus, Kiss, Unkle, M.O.P., Melvins, Sepultura, Wu-Tang Clan
Pt. 2 – Chastity Belt, Red House Painters, Jackson C. Frank, Helmet, Engineer, Ween, Drive Like Jehu, Grails, Theories, Frog Eyes, Muslimgauze, Emeralds, Bitch Magnet


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