Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2018 – Songs 1-20
Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2018 – Songs 1-20

Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2018 – Songs 1-20

Talking about all the great music that came out of Boston and New England last year!
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Kirayoshi – Bipolarity
Last year it was Pastoria by Along (aka Jacob Schwartz) that made our funk-loving ears perk up. Bringing even more funk to you this year is Framingham, MA based Kirayoshi (aka Derek Powers) with Bipolarity off of Kirayoshi’s debut Reincarnated Resurrection.
Further Reading: Interview with Kirayoshi + Guest Mix

House of Harm – Always
Nice trip down the memory lane – think Joy Division, Depeche Mode and lyrics filled with enough desperation to satisfy an inner goth hidden inside each one of us.
Further Reading: Obscura Undead

Sweetcreem – NO$T
Shamanic space pop from the deepest bowels of Cambridge
Further Reading: comeherefloyd

Troll 2 – Roadkill
Scumfolk is what they call it – a bit of punk, a bit of folk and a bit of death metal, even (read the lyrics)

Hessian – Skull Ring
Heavy dose of that hard and heavy old – no keyboards, no ballads, just plain ‘ol RAWK
Further Reading: Doomed & Stoned

Rene Chambers – Girls From Nowhere
Are there any actual bats in Kremlin? I’m not sure, even though I’m originally from Moscow, but this is a sign that both Rene Chambers and his debut album (called Kremlin Bats) makes you ponder all sorts of interesting questions just as true art should.
Further Reading: Kids Like You & Me

Salem Wolves – B.D.F.
They’re howling at the Du loudly while talking about BDF (take your pick – Best Dorks Forever, Beer Drinking Fool and Belligerently Drunk Friday (all courtesy of Urban Dictionary)).
Further Reading: If It’s Too Loud

Kintaan – Gretchen
That is one scary Gretchen right there – she’s pounding on that metal all day not unlike early Swans or Godflesh
Further Reading: This is Darkness

The Laces – Laguna Beach
Sure seems like a nice place be, even when your parents don’t want you to hang around it

Cosmic Johnny – Houston
Big riffs, big riffs and emotional breakdowns – they still matter, even though no one in the outer space can hear them, since we’re all alone
Further Reading: Hooligan Mag

Wendy Eisenberg – Sol Lewitt
Jammin econo and thinking about the structures
Further Reading: Something Else!

Coffin Salesman – Bloody Knuckles
Looking for an engineer while fighting the devil with both hands
Further Reading: Thrash N’ Bang!!!

Helenor – Bloodshot Eyes
Rich and gorgeous Beatlesque harmonies captured by David DiAngelis
Further Reading: The Partae

Edge Petal Burn – Letters
Its usually not a good idea to read other people’s letters, but this might be an exception – mostly due to an enigmatic voice hidden inside
Further Reading: Short Line

Dyr Faser – The Swan
Graceful swan of never (with apologies to Billy)

Skyjelly – Accidents
Some accidents are meant, as they make the world a (much) better place – this is one of them

Temporary Eyesore – Spun
Lke Shaggs in the mood for a melody (with apologies to Mr. Plant)

Forn – Manifestations of the Divine Root
Like facing an angry beast while in a barely lit cavern

The Drunk Monkeys – Feelin’
Eye of the tiger filled with thick and creamy psychedelic pop

Blessed be all the cute little glitches happening while this laptop is being cremated

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