Quarantine Interviews: Hattie Cooke
Quarantine Interviews: Hattie Cooke

Quarantine Interviews: Hattie Cooke

Hattie Cooke

It was the association with Third Kind Records that led us to discover the work of Brighton, UK musician Hattie Cooke. An incredibly versatile songwriter, she’s equally at ease writing folk/pop/synth-pop songs (see Blissland – her contribution to our Winter 2019 comp) and ambient/darkwave (The Sleepers LP, out on Spun Out of Control). More recently she also started her own label Patch Bae Records.

How does one manages to handle so many creative projects at the same time and not lose their mind (especially in the times of crisis)? Lets find out….

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How are you dealing with quarantine?

Well, I got furloughed and knew the boredom would melt my brain if I didn’t keep busy – SO I decided to organise a charity compilation album to raise money for musicians who are affected by all this. I’ve also been doing my own music, some drawing, poetry, a short story I’ve had in the pipeline, and I started a TEFL course (although I have no idea why.) Sometimes it’s been stressful – worrying about the future and my finances, but I’m trying to look at this as an opportunity to do all the things I don’t usually have time for!

What advice would you give to other musicians/artists dealing with it?

My first piece of advice is financial advise – see if you can apply for grants to help with living costs from PRS and Help For Musicians UK. I know they have set up new grants especially for musicians affected by Coronavirus. My second piece of advice is obvious – throw yourself into your creative projects! Make that album that you’ve been putting off for ages, reach out to other people you’d like to work with, if you can afford to, support other musicians by buying their music. We’re all in this together after all! More generally – get plenty of rest, plenty of fresh air and remember there are people out there who care about you.

Latest Release(s) 

Help Musicians Compilation (Patch Bae Records) – benefit for Help Musicians UK. Featuring Dakota Blue, Repeated Viewing, Polypores, qualchan. and more.

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