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New Music Releases

Going over music that came out in April – one more time! See part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.


Wizard of Loneliness – Three Houses (Halcyon Tapes)

via vylter

Clarice Jensen – The Experience Of Repetition As Death (Fat Cat Records)

New Clarice Jensen on repeat this evening, lots of shifts from stunningly beautiful to terrifying

via Polar Seas

Swampgeese – Corpses (Hypersleep Sessions)

From a close friend of mine comes this short & sweet surrealist take on neo-psychedelia, complete with tripped out acid vocals and wobbling synth.

Leo Drezden – Leo Drezden Prezent (Self Released)

Leo Drezden are an Irish four piece made up of Steve McKinney, Chris Con, Dan Le Bolloc’h and Rian Trench (Solar Bears) whose music delves into the sounds associated with synthesizer rock of the seventies, Japanese film scores and experimental jazz-rock to create lush and moving landscapes. – Nialler9

via Eoin Murray

Field Lines Cartographer – The Glimmering Plane (Self Released)

62 minutes of long-form electronic music intended to be an immersive, transportive experience.

via Polypores

City Mouth – Coping Machine (Take This To Heart Records)

City Mouth just wants to be saved, but they’ve saved you a spot on the dancefloor. This tight-knit group of Chicago friends has taken a lot from their hometown contemporaries—on 2018’s Hollows, they borrowed bits from breakneck pop-punk and blissed-out indie rock to create something both healing and heartfelt. It’s no wonder listeners have connected with each stage of this journey, from the band’s thousands of Spotify plays or their drop-in to the Audiotree studio.

Buck Curran – No Love is Sorrow (Obsolete Recordings)

The third solo album ‘No Love Is Sorrow’ by Buck Curran (of the duo Arborea)

IX Tab – Music For Salvia Divinorum / Music For Opening Flowers (Self Released)

this new IX Tab EP is a proper eyeball-roller.

Two tracks, two states. IX Tab in meditative mode. Pay what you can. Nothing is fine; these are difficult times. Listen, pass by.

via The Mighty Concrete Tapes

Uli Federwisch – Hurricane of Passion (theme from Psy-Chopper Team 12) (Strategic Tape Reserve)

The 15 minute, high-BPM epic theme to a paranormal helicopter rescue series, peppered with full-octane breakdowns, MIDI sax solos and actual helicopter samples.

Ross Hammond / Neil Welch – Fields (Self Released)

Seattle saxophonist Neil Welch and I recorded remotely while under Covid-19 quarantine. The two pieces on here contain elements of desert blues, raga and broad, wide-open soundscapes. Enjoy. Music can’t be quarantined.

Chorchill – Antalya (Self Released)

My mate self-released a new album!

It’s a homage to a restaurant in Paderborn. My high school classmates went to Paderborn years ago and my BFF lost his virginity in the bus. I bought the tape coz I don’t wanna miss anything this time.

via Binaural Space

Babbling Corpse – Please Be Patient, Someone Will Be With You Shortly (Sunset Grid)

Fly through the supermarket like never before, from its first groaning opening, throughout the day and into the night shift! Listen to the empty and heartless voices of the supermarket checkouts whilst people go by, buying whatever they can find on offer. So sit back, relax, and please be patient, someone will be with you shortly.

via T2,000,000

Wilted Woman – Songs in the Key of Wilt (Self Released)

Wilted Woman is full of surprises. Where most artists tend to focus on one particular sound, this Berlin-based American seems to deliver something different on every release, and whether she’s digging into frantic techno, experimental skronk, lively drum & bass or something else, she somehow manages to always keep it interesting. “Where’s My Generator,” a lo-fi gem which appears on her new Songs in the Key of Wilt EP, sits somewhere between synth-pop and post-punk; with its glossy keys and chugging bassline, it sounds like something out of downtown NYC in the early 1980s, an effect that’s only amplified by Wilted Woman’s reverb-soaked talk-singing. – First Floor

Mesarthim – Coma Wall (Avantgarde Music)

A fantastic hybrid of atmo-black and trippy space ambient / trance metal.

Angelwings Marmalade – Thought Form (Self Released)

Black Curse – Endless Wound (Sepulchral Voice Records)

Combining ripping, violent rhythms with razor sharp riffing and trancelike pulses, BLACK CURSE creates true malevolence. The band rips open holy portals to times when Black and Death Metal shared the same principles, the same aesthetics, and the same diabolical wrath.
Produced with the heaviest sound possible -Endless Wound- crushes into the world like the spawn of primordial chaos. Herein BLACK CURSE crawl on the darkest lava fields of Doom, revel in the infernal storms of Death, and levitate in the utmost Black.

Alex Banks – Beneath the Surface Remixed Pt​.​2 (MESH)

I’ve remixed @alexbanksmusic again for @maxcoopermax’s MESH label. You can preorder the remix EP here…

via Thomas Ragsdale

The new Longform Editions batch is brilliant

Inoyama Land – Fuku-Ura 

Shy Layers – Compositions for Loud Magic

Penelope Trappes – Gnostic State

Ruven Nunez – Within Dreams, Without Dreams

via Stephan Mathieu

OTHERM – New World Hoarder (Holloway Tapes)

In The Divine Comedy, Dante wrote of the three afterlife realms: Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise. However, there is an ever-important fourth plane that Mr. Alighieri neglected to mention: Ouroboros.

Tyresta – Galatea (Past Inside the Present) 

With his latest ep, Tyresta helps listeners briefly escape to worlds unknown; embodying a cinematic and expansive quality which will provide the perfect soundtrack for your journey beyond.

Zaahj – Refrigerator Bird (Silber Records) 

April Fields (daily release of field recordings & structures built from them) continues with Zaahj’s haunted kitchen with “Refrigerator Bird”. Free download on Bandcamp.

Marco Scarassatti – At Home With​.​.​.​(​songs for solitude) Vol. 04 (La Petite Chambre Records) 

“At Home With…(songs for solitude)”

An inside project facing the outbreak. Every week a new artist is invited to share two unreleased songs.

For the fourth round, we follow with the sound investigations from Marco Scarassatti.

Jakob Rehlinger – Deconstruction (Self Released) 

Right before corona, I helped launch a concert series called Appetite For Deconstruction. Here’s an album that features my rehearsals for that show, a new studio recording based on that piece, and a live recording from the night itself.

Matthewdavid – Experimental Bliss (Umor Rex) 

I’m very much digging this by @MatthewDavidMcQ today

via Polypores

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