New Music Releases – March 2020: Pt. 2
New Music Releases – March 2020: Pt. 2

New Music Releases – March 2020: Pt. 2

New Music Releases

Second roundup of new music that came out this March – compiled with a help from our followers! See part 1 here.


Zwansound – Air Drive LP (Girly Girl Musik)

22 Traxz / 60min / Pay What You Want

Kolessa – On Earth, As It Is (Self Released)

That said, I released a new age album last week for the purpose of helping me and others chill a little. (Made in January, don’t remember what I was fretting abt then). Don’t buy it. Somebody else who is more gig reliant needs yer $ right now. But listen.

Adam Matlock via Mercy Choir

Secret Buttons – Rough Trade From Venus (Fancy Time Records)

I know it’s bad but it feels so good

via Nick Psyanide

Andrew Weathers – Dreams and Visions from the Llano Estacado (Aural Canyon)

These soft story filled vibrations sure sound nice during these strange times. Andrew is an og ac alumnus whose vision we hold dear. Please enjoy.

addy – Eclipse (Topshelf Records)

hi um we released an album a week ago, then like many others had our march tour dates canceled. if art/music is something within your means to support pls consider doing so rn. ty ~

via Kevin Duquette

Woozles – Emoji of a Bee (Feels So Reel Music)

comes with a zine of love poems to balance out the sadness of the album itself

International Debris – Ambisphere (Asura Revolver)

Seen from a distance:

Something has come. The shatterer of worlds. It is all around us. When I look at the sky, I know it is different. The land has changed; morphed. Or has it always been this way?

via Vapor Memory

Toxic Chicken – Comfortable Music (Self Released)

Delightfully quirky and glitchy instrumental album by Toxic Chicken made with melodica and ukulele

via Cat Temper

Wonderful Beasts – The Art Of Whisper (Wormhole World)

Wonderful Beasts is boycalledcrow and Xqui

Alex Haas / Bill Laswell – Smoke + Glass (Sonicontinuum)

Bill Laswell’s productivity is astonishing, as is his ability to keep setting the bar high. First track is a particular favourite.

NFWinjail via Chant Records

Arvo Party – Love Above All (Self Released)

What with the end of days been swamped but managed to listen to the new @arvoparty long player – holy COW! Check it out!!! Glorious work! Just what we need!!

via Old Man Mike

Endless Melancholy – A Perception Of Everything (Sound in Silence)

Endless Melancholy is the self-descriptive music act of Oleksiy Sakevych, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 2011 he has released six albums, a remix album, a compilation and many singles and EPs on labels such as Preserved Sound, Twice Removed, AZH Music, 1631 Recordings, p*dis, Dronarivm, Thesis, Past Inside The Present and his own Hidden Vibes. He has worked on collaboration/split releases with artists such as Desolate Horizons, Lights Dim and Hotel Neon, is also member of the post-rock band Sleeping Bear and has released music under the aliases of Moonshine Blues and bc_ranger.

via Preserved Sound

More Eaze / Claire Rousay – if I don’t let myself be happy now then when? (Mondoj)

This is extremely to the max


Sarah Louise – Earth and Its Contents (Self Released)

Today, with so many in isolation and gripped with worry, I offer a new album as a balm: a re-connection to earth in the past, present and future. I offer it freely to those who cannot afford it. For those who can, I can use your support right now.

via Arise

FACEPLANT – FACEPLANT vol. 1 (Two Flowers Records)

Just posted some archival FACEPLANT jams from 2006/2007 , pay what you want, hopefully this will pass the time

via Peaking Lights

Omari Jazz – Addendums (Self Released)

New old shit from @OmariJazz
Meditation music.

via vylter

Olga Mella – Everyone is Looking at the Sun: Her Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, 1926​-​28 (Canary Records)

An earnest singer with a strong, thin voice, her two discs are uncommon and rarely thought of. Here they are for anyone interested.

Polypores & Friends – Piano:Dismantled (Self Released)

the new @stephenjbuckley is exactly what’s needed to ease the anxiety inducing world situation. beautifully done.

via Salvatore Mercatante

Andrulian – Tales from a Weekend City (Self Released)

Wasn’t sure whether to release this or not but I have because I’ve been working on it for ages and it accompanies a review of LION from which is coming very soon

An escape, like a magnet the city attracts, changes, comes alive at the weekend. These are some of its tales.


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