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Elkhorn is a New York-based duo of Jesse Sheppard (twelve-string acoustic) and Drew Gardner (electric). Heady mix that they cooked up for IHN currently enjoys 63rd spot on the Indie Rock charts of Mixcloud and we’re inviting you, our readers, to help it go all the way to number 1!

The band’s latest is Lionfish EP that came out on Seattle label Eiderdown Records. They also recorded for Beyond Beyond is Beyond and Debacle Records.
Much like Landing/Aaron Snow, Elkhorn made a mix that combines the familiar (Hendrix, Grateful Dead, The Carter Family) with the new (Buck Curran, Ramble Tamble, 75 Dollar Bill, Wet Tuna). Few words about new/newer artists featured in the mix:

Daniel Bachman 

Daniel Bachman (Guitarist)

Daniel Bachman is a 6-string and lap guitar player currently living in Petersburg Virginia. From 2008 to present he’s been releasing material of almost exclusively an instrumental nature while touring everywhere from Istanbul to Los Angeles.

Further Reading: Exepose | NYCTaper
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The Modern Folk

I write and record songs at home in between the other things that life demands. all i want to happen with these songs is for you to listen to them.

The Modern Folk is a solo project of Portland, OR guitarist J Moss who also runs Practice Records and The Modern Folk of America blog. Throughout years he recorded for Nocturnal Reign and Tongue and Groove Records – his latest is Modern Folk 666.
Further Reading: Dying For Bad Music

Prana Crafter

Inner Space Rock offerings from the Woodlands of Washington. Releases on Sunrise Ocean Bender, Cardinal Fuzz, Beyond Beyond is Beyond, Eiderdown, Deep Water Acres & Reverb Worship.

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75 Dollar Bill 

75 Dollar Bill formed in New York City in 2012; the singular music of this instrumental duo draws various sources from around the world and across disciplines, everything from Mauritanian guitar to raw minimalism and blown-out urban blues, yet sounds unlike anything we’ve heard before.
Other Music Recording Co.

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Listening to “Head in the Clouds,” a new album by the New Haven psych-noise band Headroom, feels like eavesdropping on a seance, barging in on a ritual that began a few hours ago. You haven’t witnessed creation: Drones and grooves don’t appear, they’ve been there. Guitars materialize mid-squall with … feedback? Delay? Distortion? Leave, if you want; the music presses on, with or without you.
Michael Hamad / Harftord Courant

Rob Noyes

Though his work is largely free of Fahey’s blues thrust, Noyes weaves a rich stylistic fabric from diverse sources, whether he’s reflecting Basho’s hammering mastery of the 12-string or revealing a more meditative side of his personality that suggests the influence of British heavies such as John Renbourn or Michael Chapman.
Chicago Reader

Buck Curran

Since 2005, Buck has recorded and performed as one half of the Psych-Folk duo Arborea. Buck’s music is influenced by landscapes of nature and has developed through a decade of playing with Arborea and the experience of playing Blues and Folk throughout the 1990s.

C Joynes

An inheritor to Davy Graham; a lone operator prone to unexpected collaborations, with a repertoire that crosses continents and timezones with consummate ease.”
The Wire

Ramble Tamble

Ramble Tamble presents a mixtape of affectionate shredding from your long lost southern cousin. Pop a cold one, relax in the lawn chair, and watch the fire ants tear the whole damn city apart.
Eiderdown Sounds

Wet Tuna

Doesn’t take much more than the lineup here to peak my interest in Wet Tuna. The duo is comprised of longtime psych flayers Matt “M.V.” Valentine and Pat Gubler, better known to the double spool grind as P.G. Six. The pair have been living the Wet Tuna lifestyle live for a while now and posting some tantalizing sets up on their Bandcamp, but now they’ve wrestled the expansive experience down to a debut full length and it sees them flesh out the sound with a full band feeling, adding keys and percussion to the pair’s guitar divinations.
Raven Sings the Blues

Last, but not least – there’s a live performance by Steve Gunn (1/2 of Gunn-Truscinski Duo with John Truscinski) that we caught at Big Ears 2018

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