Music Recommendations for April 2020: Pt. 4
Music Recommendations for April 2020: Pt. 4

Music Recommendations for April 2020: Pt. 4

New Music Recommendations

One last round of music recommendations for April! Find part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.


蘭桂坊NightLife – Another Era (No Problema Tapes)

“This album have been made in 2015 using Chinese, Japanese, African and French song samples. Originally released on the worst vaporwave-friendly label ever, Illuminated Path, it has since been deleted after my request when I realised IP owners didn’t care about their music makers, and was only available on Soundcloud for years. I’m glad it’s getting re-released now on No Problema Tapes, and I hope you will enjoy it as a 80’s/90’s Hong Kong club culture tribute.

Take care ”
Chungking Mansions

Shit and Shine – Scenic Farm (Rock is Hell Records) 

Shit and Shine wrecks your mind with messed-up album Scenic Farm – Fuzzy Sun

Serengeti – AJAI (Fake Four)

Recent jammer is this Serengeti/Kenny Segal joint. Serengeti rapping as Kenny Dennis. Dusty, cinematic production from Segal. Brooding musings from Serengeti.

via Jordan Reyes

Rid Of Me – Summer (Knife Hits Records)

Full stream of @ridofmeband ‘Summer’ up now at

About 30 tapes left. Mailing starts tomorrow and recording comes out Friday. Thanks for the support y’all, stay safe.

What a release day on Bandcamp!

Jackie Lynn – Jacqueline (Drag City)

Joan Shelley – Live at The Bomhard (Self Released) 

Meg Baird – Cross Bay (Self Released) 

SAVAK – Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth (Ernest Jenning Record Co / Geenger Records)

Sunwatchers – Oh Yeah? (Trouble in Mind)

via Eric PH

Multiple new @machinefabriek releases. We are blessed.

Huis (Self Released) 

Amalgaam (Zoharum New Experimental Art) 

The Sounds Outside – Chantal Acda & Rutger Zuydervelt (Self Released)

via Andrew Anderson

Trupa Trupa – I’ll Find (Glitterbeat Records) 

Dive into our friends & polish psych rock four piece  @trupatrupaband’s latest EP “I’ll Find” — consisting “of four radiant, kaleidoscopic songs which further cement the band’s reputation as one of the up & coming voices on the global psychedelic scene.”

via NOT 97

Duke Gray – Obsquantulate (Self Released)

New purchase… the psychedelic guitar of OddsFiche. Possibly his best effort so far, very absorbing.

via Allister Thompson

Zack Mexico – Sound Waves For The Relaxed And Dying (Warhen Records) 

Heading over the mountain this morning to pick up the Zack Mexico – Sound Waves For The Relaxed And Dying LPs! All pre-orders will ship early next week. Get your orders in & it’ll shipwith the first batch. Coastal NC Psychedia at its finest.

Cinchel – Solo Duets (Self Released) 

solo duets is what it says. its just me but using 2 takes of of live improv.
track one is 2 single takes of guitar
track two was a first take on piano followed by guitar
track three is the opposite, guitar first followed by a piano take.

Fjord Genus – Spidery Fingers Of Transient Light (Light at the End) 

Weird and wonderful audio matter bubbling up from the deepest depths of Scottish waters. Comes supplemented with a Leit Motif remix.

*This medicine is for aural administration only
* Listen to a minimum of 5 times a day
* Intake with water and light

This prescription was concocted lovingly at “The Light At The End Of The Tunnel” pharmaceutical studios.

via Bricolage

Nikmis – Jawbone (Third Kind Records) 

Kepla – Music for Freeports (Pale Master) 

I set fire to my shoelace and watched my boot slowly drop into the water.

Starthief – The Castle (Self Released)

A drone/abstract electronic album exploring the “super doomful” ALM Busy Circuits Akemie’s Castle, a dual oscillator based on the Yamaha OPL3 FM synthesis chip from the early 90s. Don’t expect this music to sound like your old Sound Blaster 16!

via T2,000,000

Axnt – Double Image (Raund Haus)

Axnt continues to prove to be one of Prides of the NC Beat Scene, whose kind heart and exciting live performances accentuate all of his spot-on production.

Midwife – Forever (The Flenser)

Listening to the new midwife record.

On Forever, Midwife combines ambient and dream pop into nuanced, reverb-soaked music that is equally haunting and moving.

via Polar Seas

Tuluum Shimmering – Bird Song (Self Released) 

Yes this is incredible: Tuluum Shimmering jams on Garcia’s Bird Song for 68 minutes. Go for it…

John Mulvey via Editaurus

Sunroof!/Vibracathedral Orchestra (VHF Records) 

New on our Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-like is “Wings Over America” (ha) by Sunroof! and Vibracathedral Orchestra. This was originally a CD sold on their memorable joint US East Coast tour in 2003.

via Charles Mingus Six Piece Chicken Dinner

Jeremy Stokes – Sundown (Bad Bat Records) 

Ricewine – Lovesick (Z Tapes) 

A kicks lo-fi beats, hip hop vibes from Australia are coming to you through Z Tapes. A top release of 2020 for our label.

Rob Noyes – The Length of Gut or Wire (Self Released) 

Just recorded a few solo guitar improvs and put em up on bandcamp! Check it out if you please.

V@PYD – Weekend Lover (Dream Museum Records) 

Three days. Two nights. One love.

Jo Johnson – Knowledge of the Possible (Self Released) 

One third of the proceeds will go to small domestic violence and homelessness non-profit organisations based in the UK.

wekhouseplant via OptiUnderground


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