Music Recommendations for April 2020: Pt. 2
Music Recommendations for April 2020: Pt. 2

Music Recommendations for April 2020: Pt. 2

New Music Recommendations

Another round of music recommendations for April from our followers! See part 1 here.


Ka Baird – Sapropelic Pycnic (Drag City)

Flute/vocal meditation loops to bring you to a deep zone from one of weirdo crew Spires that in the Sunset Rise.

Acid Mothers Temple – Electric Heavyland (Alien8)

This was talk about at the time as a bit of a sequel Mainliner’s classic Mellow Out. I played it at a job once was asked if I was listening to a factory on fire.

via Adam Grimord-Isham

What are your favorite albums obtained in March?

Luna Honey – Psalm (from split w/Wax Lead) (Blight Records)
The Necks – Three (Fish of Milk / Northern Spy / ReR)
Tatsuya Nakatani & Shane Parish – Interactivity (Cuneiform Records)
Uniform & The Body – Live at the End of the World (Self Released)
Flower Power Synth and Woodwind Ensemble – Titanic II (Obsolete Staircases)

via Fertanish

The Silvertones – Financial Crisis b/w The Upsetter – Financial Dub (Orchid / Pressure Sounds)

via Coddy

Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul – Afflux de luxe (Crammed Discs)

off of Ex-Futur Album

Written and recorded in 1980-83 by (Aksak Maboul & Crammed Discs founder) Marc Hollander and (Honeymoon Killers/Aksak Maboul vocalist) Véronique Vincent, this trailblazing avant-pop album trailblazing avant-pop album predated certain hybrid musical trends which may have emerged later on (think pop meets proto-techno, with African, Middle-Eastern, dub, jazz & cinematic French flavours…)

via David Jamzzzz

Drunks With Guns – A Beer (Intellectual Convulsion / Permanent Records)


via domestic records

The Bats – Made Up in Blue (Flying Nun Records)

Getting a small amount of time to record music this afternoon. I’ve decided to borrow the drum intro from this track… Don’t tell anyone.

via Les Willox

Ruby Andrews – Let’s Get A Groove Going On Part Two (Zodiac Records)

Just heard this on the radio. It’s from 1967 and it’s ace.

via Johnnie Johnstone

Lau – The Burrian (Reveal Records)

Listening to this while watching the sun go iznice

via Enthusiastic Eunuch

Jonah Parzen-Johnson – Imagine Giving Up (We Jazz Records)

Brooklyn based baritone saxophonist Jonah Parzen-Johnson presents his new work “Imagine Giving Up” on Helsinki’s We Jazz Records. The album, to be released on 17 January 2020 sees Parzen-Johnson move into new domains of sound as he uncovers newfound energy and pulse in his music. In addition to the sonically rich analog synth elements that accompany his earlier solo saxophone work, Jonah has layered heavily sound designed samples of his own saxophone to create truly one of a kind percussive snaps, reverberant basses, and warbling leads.

via Eeem

James Elkington – Ever Roving Eye (Paradise of Bachelors)

One of the best guitar players & best guys I know released a great album today, in not the best of times. Pass it along to someone who needs a little inspiration.. .

On all the things, but here’s a good one

Joan Shelley via Nathan Walker

Guitar – Melt (Morr Music)

Royal Trux – Small Thief (Drag City Records)

via Vortex

Frozen Planet….1969 – Rollback (Headspin Records / Pepper Shaker Records)

this Australian instrumental improvisational power trio has all the Hendrix-ian, Cream-ish jams you coud ever want, as if they’re actually from the year(1969) that’s part of their name. heavy guitar heaven type shit.

via Arise

Oval – 94 Diskont (Thrill Jockey)

In prep for my next release here is a band that indirectly inspired it

via Computer

Kokoroko – Carry Me Home (Self Released)

new single by London Afrobeat group

via Bill Barnett

Aoife Nessa Frances ‎– Land Of No Junction (Basin Rock / Ba Da Bing Records)

Lovely record.

Debut release by Dublin songwriter who writes gauzy psych pop songs, for fans of Broadcast, Nico

via The Leaf Library

Om – Advaitic Songs (Drag City Records)

Philosophy/Religion. Heavy ascends to a level it would have been impossible to foresee, decimated by sheer imagination and expansive quality.

Ride – Fall (Creation Records)

Hanging out with Ride and their penguin buddies earlier on the Fall EP (1990)…

müesk – Midnight on a Digital Sea (Self Released)

beautiful ambient/new age from ⁦@SteveMueske⁩

via Ade Hodges

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