Blog Summary – April 2020: Pt. 2
Blog Summary – April 2020: Pt. 2

Blog Summary – April 2020: Pt. 2

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Going over our posts from April – one more time! See part 1 here




Martin Atkins

Music Reviews

VA – Mark Barton’s “The Sunday Experience” (via David Soulscorch

Music Recommendations

Pt. 3 – featuring Pjusk, Jim O’Rourke, Knifedoutofexistence, Sunken Foal, Gabriel Birnbaum, Rev Rev Rev and more. 

Pt. 4 – featuring Shit and Shine, Serengeti, Rid of Me, Sunwatchers, Zack Mexico and more. 

New Music Releases 

Pt. 3 – featuring Kodian Trio, Fragile X, DEAD, Panopticon, Clara Engel, Obey Cobra and more. 

Pt. 4 – featuring Wizard of Loneliness, Clarice Jensen, Buck Curran, Angelwings Marmalade and more. 


Field Lines Cartographer – The Glimmering Plane 

Bornwithhair – Radical Moon

R. Weis – Cassette Assembled Scores for Dance: 1991-1993

Chorchill – Antalya

Song Premieres

Soul Flask – Mr. Gerrat’s Barbeque

The Prefab Messiahs – 21st Century Failure

Video Premieres

Talking Book – Blood Aurora / Thermal Drift

Ben Finger – Worried Sick of Echo

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