Music Recommendations for April 2020: Pt. 1
Music Recommendations for April 2020: Pt. 1

Music Recommendations for April 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Recommendations

First round of music recommendation for April from our followers! More in our archives.



Bastarda – Nigunim (Multikulti Project)

Following 2019’s hauntingly beautiful “Ars Morienda” based on medieval funeral rites, Bastarda’s new one is a superb LP based on 18th century Jewish Hasidic songs.

via David Soulscorch

Deux Baleines Blanches – Singende Drähte (Bureau B)

reissue of 1986 electronic music cassette from Düsseldorf

via Bill Barnett

Lake Weary – Forest Fire (Self Released)

I made album. Now its time to start again.

craig via MXLX

The Oscillation – Droneweapon (Self Released)

This unedited 48 minute track was recorded in a Torquay bed and breakfast on a 4 track Fostex cassette recorder. I recorded 4 tracks of drone on a keyboard through phasers and tremolo pedals.

This was transferred to ProTools where all the source sounds were sent through more outboard effects units.

This track is obviously a huge homage to Spacemen 3’s Ecstasy In Slow Motion from the album Dreamweapon.

Kedama – The Complete Collection (Castle Face Records)

“Three thick lps of hot jellied kraut-prog heavies coming at you from 1970s swiss-german based Kedama
3 lps of “live” in the studio and actual live recordings unbelievably telekinetic drums, keys and guitar Vision quest soundscapes a total gem lost to the ages here, y’all

via T2,000,000

Agitation Free – In the Silence of the Morning Sunrise (Vertigo / MIG)

via Arise

Danny Clay / Matt Atkins – An Index of Textures (tsss tapes)


Danny Clay: metal bells, combs, paper, broken light, piano, music box, marbles, cassette tapes, pebbles, plastic bells, small percussion, transducers, wooden blocks

Matt Atkins: chopstick on drumhead, crowd murmur, drum filled with seeds, dry plant leaves, homemade banjo strings, jingle bell stick, karma piano, large bell, marbles in drum head, newspaper, piano notes on cassette tape, ping pong ball in drum and saucepan lid, plastic packaging, push flute, sheet of paper, small and large bells, cymbals, wind-up toy

via Andrew Anderson

Bill Withers – [You’ve Been Quite a Doll] Raggedy Ann (West Virginia Music Hall Of Fame)

from The Rhinestone Hillbilly – A Tribute To Little Jimmy Dickens

via Countersunk

Minutemen – Corona (SST Records)

via John Howard

Hprizm – Catching a Body (Don Giovanni Records)

#NP @HPrizm “Catching a Body” is a universe unto itself. On the third listen and just getting started…

Nine instrumental tracks by New York City-based composer, producer, and performer Hprizm (aka High Priest, aka Kyle Austin). The EP is both a prelude to a forthcoming full length and place of sonic refuge. “It’s a score to a movie in my head,” explains Austin. “It was composed as a protection spell and safe space that you can retreat into to recharge during these challenging times.”

via Chant Records

Boarder – Chew Me Up (Self Released)

Chew Me Up is a song about the way that people have become disposable, and how it feels to be chewed up and spat out.

via EverythingIndieOver40

Walter Wegmüller – Tarot (Die Kosmischen Kuriere / Ohr / Spalax Music)

Goodbye to painter, mystic, and vocalist Walter Wegmüller, whose album “Tarot” (1973) is one of those ambitious, kaleidoscopic works that ceaselessly generate new modes of invitation and embrace and immersion

via Maximilian Spiegel

Lee Konitz / Paul Bley / Bill Connors ‎– Pyramid (Improvising Artists Inc.)

via Elkhorn

Hangedup – Kicker in Tow (Constellation Records)

More sofa sounds.

Hangedup explodes on this follow-up to their debut (Hangedup) and proved themselves one of the most powerful, hypnotic and relentless duos mining the subterrain of instrumental avant rock. Genevieve Heistek’s amplified viola screams through a propulsive blend of drones and doublestops, while Eric Craven’s drumming spurts and hisses like an ornate, early-industrial steam engine. Both players also bring some great free/improvisational explorations to the table, always with a raw, restless punk rock heart.

via Mike Holland

James White and the Blacks-Off White (ZE REcords)

via Ray Taafe

John Coltrane – First Meditations (for quartet) (Impulse!)


via Sean Caldwell

The Echelon Effect – You Sleep, I’ll Keep Watch (Glidescope Recordings)

I’m making new music, Drift Static is coming, till then. Sleep tight

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