Listening Room: Valentine’s 2019 Edition
Listening Room: Valentine’s 2019 Edition

Listening Room: Valentine’s 2019 Edition

Whole lotta loving from our oven! We picked 3 compilations to share with you on this Valentine’s day – one from way back and two from recent times (plus one playlist from the almighty Sub Pop)!
Jump into our archives to get even more music recommendations for Valentine’s – whether you feel like celebrating or not.
Ooh Do I Love You (The Core for Care, 1996)
We squealed with delight when we found out that someone have finally uploaded this rare compilation to Youtube! Self-described benefit to end sexual violence, the compilation was put together by members of Braid (who also contributed a song called “Do You Love Coffee?”).
Casual glance at a tracklist reveals that much of comp’s space was given to punk and emo bands (some rather prominent names there too – The Promise Ring, The Dismemberment Plan and Rainer Maria, to name a few). Deeper inspection, however, reveals plenty of wonderful deviations from the norm – Ativin with Slint-like rager “sLOVEnia”, “Love Kat” by Lanterna (unique instrumental project from Henry Frasyer of Area / Moon Time Seven) and utterly manic “If you love A Song, It Will Love You Back” by Hubcap.

Now That’s What I Call a Heartbreak Vol. 1 (Self Released, 2019)
Sad covers for Valentine’s day – Boston artists covering their favorite slow numbers. Featuring our very own Nick Panagakos doing a cover of The Boss’s 1993 soundtrack to a movie Philadelphia.

Retro Retry Sonic Youth – EVOL (Narrominded)
A compilation of Dutch bands covering Sonic Youth’s 1986 classic Evol! Read our post about the compilation here.

Sub Pop is For Lovers

Songs about love, and a few about heartbreak. What more would you need?

Playlist featuring Frankie Cosmos, Weyes Blood, Low, Sebadoh, J Mascis, Loma and many more! Courtesy of the same label (or even thee label) whose anniversary we celebrated last year.

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