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Our followers share records/songs they’ve been listening to lately!
Trigger Cut – Pony Pony (Self Released)
From the upcoming album Buster
Suggested by Ray Taaffe

Fleshlicker – S/T
Suggested by Daniel J. Gregory

Corey J. Brewer – Every Man Has Your Voice
Inspired by Nastassja Kinski performance in Paris Texas
See also – guest mix by CJB

Avalahm – Racca Luni
Suggested by The Music Mermaid

Cabaret Voltaire – Walls of Kyoto
One of the songs I’d like to have with me if I were stranded on a deserted island until my death.
Suggested by Incentive

Bert Jansch – A Woman Like You
Suggested by Buck Curran

Faten Kanaen – Foxes (More Than Human)

sadwrist – ❛‧•አ¸ሳ¸ዛ¸ኝ¸አ¸ን¸ጓ¸•‧❜
Suggested by tlr

Kate Carr – The Story Surrounds Us (Helen Scarsdale Agency)

Melting Palms – Sober



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