Pain Teens Special – Scott Ayers Interview
Pain Teens Special – Scott Ayers Interview

Pain Teens Special – Scott Ayers Interview

Online interview with former Pain Teens guitarist (and current member of Geltab / Exterminating Angels /  Walking Timebombs / Anarchitex ) Scott Ayers. It was conducted on March 28th.
1. Along with Pain Teens, you were also in Walking Timebombs, whose last release was “Sapsucker” (2001)
Is this project still active and will we ever hear anything new from WT?
Walking Timebombs is still active on occasion, with a new album coming soon, which is a collection of material recorded over the past 10 years.
2. What about Truth Decay? Was this just a one-off project / continuation of Fortunes of Vice?
Truth Decay broke up in 2001.
3. Any other bands/projects that you’re currently involved with?
Exterminating Angels, Anarchitex, and Geltab (a solo project), all of which have albums coming out in the next few months.
4. It seems like there’s a slim chance for Pain Teens reunion, but it also sounds like the band’s work is still popular (judging by online communities like Facebook &
Would you say that there’s more interest in the band these days compared to times when PT were touring/recording?
We talked about doing some reunion shows in Texas a few years back, but it never happened. Then Kirk Carr, who played bass on every tour, passed away in 2008. But its not impossible for a reunion to happen.
It does seem like we are almost more popular now, which I attribute to being easier to find and hear. Its all available now on itunes, for example.
5. What are some of your favorite / least favorite memories from touring with PT?
We had so many great times, like our 30-city tour with the Boredoms and Brutal Truth, our tour in Europe and UK with Cop Shoot Cop, and our mini tours with Zeni Geva and KK Null. It was good times and hard work, and I have many fond memories. I can hardly think of any bad times except getting injured in L.A. and having to go to the emergency room.

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