A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Zeek Sheck
A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Zeek Sheck

A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Zeek Sheck

According to Drowned In Sound website, Zeek Sheck is responsible some of the strangest concept albums of the 90s (even by Skin Graft strict standards). According to Southern Records bio, she was in a whole variety of bands before going solo – in the early 90s she was a part of Dot Dot Dot (along with members of Scissor Girls and Duotron), as well black metal/bluegrass combo Black Grass and “smooth jazz pop crooner band” Li’l Combo.
Apparently, after all those bands broke up, Zeek Sheck tried to get into phone sex business and later, she also tried to run her own 1-800 Hot Line service for youth, but this ended with disappointment, once again.  Apparently, her next step was to start a solo career and launched the Care Company, a mail order business which was involved in selling records with subliminal messages embedded in them.
r-947985-1176140574Zeek Sheck’s debut was 1998 “Good Luck Suckers” LP, released under the name Zeek Sheck Rules The Cloud People But Not For Long. The album featured contributions from Bobby Conn, Thymme Jones, Nate Young and many others. Companion remix album followed two years later. The album was described by Skin Graft as the “GRRRL” version of Renaldo And The Loaf.
Beginning of the new millenium saw a release of “I Love You” album (released under the name Zeek Sheck Hotlines For Children), which, once again, featured numerous contributors. Pierro Scaruffi described the album as “a chaotic assemblage of sounds that” Zeek Sheck “falsetto pierces with graceless creativity”.  Same year saw the release of Zemag Daeh album on ToYo label, described by critic Pierro Scaruffi as full-on experimental/noise record. Zemag Daeh featured contributions from members of Flying Luttenbachers, You Fantastic! and Scissor Girls.
Her last solo record (as of 2009) is “Careco”, which was released under the name Zeek Sheck’s Versus The Care Company. In addition to her solo work, she was also involved in Woof Pies (anti-Wolf Eyes band) and a new band called 0TH (pronounced zeroth).
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