My Guide to Afrofuturism
My Guide to Afrofuturism

My Guide to Afrofuturism

Featured image: Mothership: Tales From the Afrofuturism and Beyond
So, with this guest list, I decided to take a different approach to it because along with the list is an introduction to a genre I have been obsessed with since I was introduced to it through a review of my music: afrofuturism.
For those not familiar, afrofuturism is merely the act of black people using futuristic/fantastical concepts a means of protesting or capturing the imagination of the now. Where Star Trek, Star Wars, and many other movies and shows showed mostly white people in space, black people took the liberty in trying to imagine themselves more in space or as future-related entities. Sometimes, it is merely tackling music in a way that is avant-garde and futuristic, but not tied to the idea of anything in space.
Since finding this, all I wanted to do was make or discover a list of artists that approached music this way. (Well, I kinda did.) I originally came up with a short story to accompany the music about a black anarchist from a chrome and silver plated planet, who drives to confront a corrupt planet filled with perfection, prejudice and greed, but inbetween walking the dog and passing out flyers, I lost the plot by the time I came back to writing the story. (I was like a water out of the garden hose, with nowhere to spray, as far as ideas went.) So, here is the playlist I made for the story order, and my picks for artists to check on in terms of Afrofuturism.


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