Listen: Altered Cultures Mix by Healers
Listen: Altered Cultures Mix by Healers

Listen: Altered Cultures Mix by Healers

Healers Will McCall
We’re glad to welcome back Will McCall, currently of The Healers / Healers Co. and formerly of the supremely talented Alosi Den! Much like Ahmerican Beauty, his previous mix, Altered Cultures ends up mixing a little bit of everything, old and new, into one tasty sonic delicacy.


The Index- Rainy Starless Night
Actress- Hazylude
Piper- Shine On
Lily and Horn Horse- Control Myself
OCs- Time Tuner
Roscoe Holcomb- Single Girl
Mickey Bliss Band- Venus Dressed in Plastic Garbage
Blue Gas- Shadows From Nowhere
Bread- Make it With You (Instrusions edit)
Stelvio Cipriani- Mary’s Theme
Rubba- Way Star
Aly-Us- Follow Me
Actress- Doggin
Lonnie Pitchford- My Baby
Josephine Foster- Indelible Rainbows
The KLF- Madragada Eterna
R Stevie Moore- Ethan Suite
Faust- Piano Piece
Patti Page- Tennessee Waltz

Head over to Bandcamp to hear Healers Paradise, Healers Co. latest, which was described by Eternity Tree as follows:

somewhere between desert dwelling peyote psychedelics and some sort of rooftop drone experiments acting as a cyberpunk prayer to future gods. A fantastic balance of electric noodlings and acoustic sounds.

And here’s Kids Like You and Me / Raised by Cassettes chiming in:

Healers Co. just released their latest album Healers Paradise. If you knew what was up last night, you went to comfy Trixie’s Palace to celebrate the release of the audio-visual album. Stream it below. Sound collage experimentalism and campfire acoustics, some dreamish pop. I watched/listened first thing in the morning and it worked wonders. I bet late at night would be a nice time too. Early Animal Collective, early Girls of the Gravitron. Good work dudes.

Whirrs come through to where it feels rather alien, and then these vocals come in like moans more than singing, primal more than words.

There’s also a visual companion to the album, which you can watch below.

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