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We had our first introduction to the work of Boston musician Will McCall via his band Alosi Den (also had a chance to see them opening for 6 Organs of Admittance). While AD is no more (and greatly missed by us) they were a great showcase of Will’s talents and we highly recommend listening/purchasing all of the releases they put out – think Rock in Opposition by the way of Boston rather than Berlin.
Right now Will got a new solo project called Healers (aka Healers co., so it won’t end up being confused with California band of the same name). Healers is his playground for exploring all kinds of esoteric and otherworldly sounds – Will’s fascination with sound phenomena of various kinds reflected in this new mix (entitled “Ahmerican Beauty” we’re presenting to you, our dear reader/listener. Dive in!



Hiroshi Yoshimura- Feel / Jandek- Harmonica
Bobby Jameson- Thats the Way the World Has Got to Be
Bongwater- White Rental Car Blues
Jandek- Variant
Animal Collective- Palythoa (Live)
Hirsohi Yoshimura- Creek / Jandek- Harmonica
Chris Smither- I’ve Got Mine
Dimples- Chains of Shame
Sun An- Can We Talk?
Votaries- Your Bed is Melting
Durutti Column- Otis
Mukimukimanmansu- Nanjing
Axxa/Abraxas- White Ship pt. 2
Bobby Fischer 60 Minutes Interview excerpt
Jane- Berserker
Atlas Sounds- It Rained
The Robot Ate Me- On Vacation
Cat Power- Peking Saint
Krokodil- And I Know

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