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Conan Neutron The Secret Friends The Vig

It is true that IHN was accused of ripping of Brian Eno in the past, but for anyone willing to take a deep dive into our archives our humble beginnings involved ripping off (though we still insist its an homage, not a ripoff) a label, not an artist. We’re talking legendary Minneapolis imprint Amphetamine Reptile that gave the world such luminaries as Cows, Hammerhead, Unsane, Helmet and countless others (as well as infamous “Dope, Guns…” compilation series).

While MTV may no longer play videos by Unsane or Helmet there’s certainly no shortage of people willing to offer their take on scuzz / skronk / noise rock aesthetics conjured by AmRep, Touch & Go, Skin Graft et al. Enter Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends and this here video we’re premiering today.
Its hard to imagine the final product being inferior when you have names like Bob Weston, Toshi Kasai and Dale Crover involved and “The Vig” certainly does not disappoint.

There’s the vocal acrobatics (courtesy of Conan Neutron), the heavy/metallic riffing (without the song being metal per se) and the odd, but strangely fascinating vibe seeping through the cryptic lyrics (psychic gambling, anyone?) all of which should be enough to satisfy anyone dying to be transported back to the golden days of post-punk/noise rock.

The Vig is a part of Protons and Electrons Compilation that is coming out on September 20 via Seismic Wave Entertainment

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