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[easy-image-collage id=41484] Konstantin Samolovov / Alexey Sysoev – Varietas (Intonema, 2018) – scattershot clackings makes for saturated richness. Good. (We Need No Swords)
talkingmakesnosense (Self Released, 2013) – S/T – suggested by Lend Me Your Ears
Flying Saucer Attack – Outdoor Miner (Domino, 1995) – suggested by Ray Taaffe
Lesser Glow – Ruined (Pelagic, 2018) – suggested by Brendan / Slownames
The Transpersonals – Going Out (Self Released, 2011) – suggested by Nick Cyanide
Somatic Responses – Pattern Finding (Hymen, 2018) – suggested by Alan Ranta
Closed Circuits – Rex (Self Released, 2013) – Screams and saxophones for Babalon on Venus’ day
Yellow6 – Expressway 427 (Jonathon Whiskey, 2000) – golden oldie
Scott Walker – The World’s Strongest Man (Philips, 1969) – suggested by Corinne ST-D
Ryuichi Sakamoto / David Sylvian – Life, Life (Commmons, 2017) – suggested by J Bagist
Delphine Dora – Eudaimon (Three:Four Records, 2018)
Hello Whirled – The Bright One (Self Released, 2017) – suggested by Lightning Pill
Palmbomben || – Memories of Cindy Pt. 1 (Beats in Space, 2017) – suggested by Brother James
Mother Spit – Inanimate (Amek Collective) – see Angel S. / Martin Lavell
worriedaboutsatan – Even Temper (This is it Forever)
Slothrust – Crockpot – suggested by GrrrlsWithGuitars
A-V – Priest (Geng Remix)
Taxxess – Arcaded (Pedicure Records, 2018)
Kingbastard – Novichok (Self Released, 2018) – suggested by Chris Weeks

Space Streakings – Hatsu-Koi (Nux Organization, 1993) – suggested by The Orchid Show

Stereolab – Lo Boob Oscillator / Temper (Sub Pop, 1993) – suggested by TheVortex

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