Interbella Vs. Giuseppe Santa Sauce – The Album you absolutely MUST hear
Interbella Vs. Giuseppe Santa Sauce – The Album you absolutely MUST hear

Interbella Vs. Giuseppe Santa Sauce – The Album you absolutely MUST hear

Words: David Breather
Why do you need to hear this album? Here are a few good reasons.

First of all, many of you may be familiar already with David Breather, aka Interbella, half of the experimental rock duo Famous Breathers with Brannon Breather (AMREP Hammerhead and Glenn Branca Ensemble alumnus), and half of the genre smashing metal duo Blind Bunny with Erik Burke (Metal Legend and Lethargy, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault alumnus).

You may also know that Interbella is a solo Electronic artist creating eclectic sounds by interweaving Electronica, Jazz, Experimental, Hip-Hop, Chill-Hop, Symphonic Exploration, and Film Music. His collabs expand his genre exploration even further, and now he has released a new collab which once again ventures into bold new territory and a unique sound to add to his vast discography.
This new release is called Interbella Vs. Giuseppe Santa Sauce
Giuseppe Santa Sauce is a mysterious singer/songwriter from NYC that has gained an unprecedented following and made more money on Bandcamp without a label than anyone I know. Why you ask? The answer is simple, this guy is fucking great. He is often compared to the likes of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and the like… writing simple, yet catchy and downright amazing tracks with basic recording techniques and nothing more than guitar and vocals which he recorded himself.
In a sea of wannabe singer/songwriters uploading their tracks to various music sharing sites, Giuseppe Santa Sauce stands out… first with his unique name… and then with his music. The praise is constant… just look him up on Twitter at @SantaSauce and you will be amazed at the love this guy gets. And if you go to and listen to his album, you will instantly understand why so many are enchanted by his melodies. The following quotes sum it up, one even being from Mike Skinner the English Rapper and Producer also known as The Streets:
“The music is raw and simple. His lyrics will weigh on your mind.”
“The man to watch in 2016.”
– MIKE SKINNER (The Streets)
Yet even with all the fanfare, Giuseppe Santa Sauce is a complete mystery. Nobody knows who he really is, or anything about him for that matter. He is excruciatingly private. It took some time to establish an agreement to collaborate with Giuseppe. After hearing his album I instantly wanted to work with him on some level, and he in turn was a fan of Interbella. Ultimately, it was decided that he would provide me with isolated vocal tracks from a number of his songs and I would compose new music to lay them over creating a lush tapestry of sound which incorporates the dark, haunting electro sounds of Interbella with the gritty, heartfelt vocals of Giuseppe Santa Sauce.
The result is some of the best work I have done to date. 6 tracks have been released on this album, there was to be even more… but alas, the mystery deepened and Giuseppe Santa Sauce seems to have fallen off of the planet, disappeared from social media, even neglecting his incredibly popular album and 60K plus fan base. It is possible that Giuseppe Santa Sauce is gone forever. Or perhaps he will resurface again one day. In the meantime, you can still get his album at and you can go and get Interbella Vs. Giuseppe Santa Sauce, a perfect companion at
I for one hope Giuseppe Santa Sauce resurfaces, and you will too once you hear his music.
So go check out his album now, add it to your collection because it may just disappear too one day. Then go and add Interbella Vs. Giuseppe Santa Sauce to your collection as well. You will be glad you did.


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