What the Eff is Blind Bunny?
What the Eff is Blind Bunny?

What the Eff is Blind Bunny?

Words: David Breather
Blind Bunny is the brain child of David Breather, of Famous Breathers and Interbella. Perhaps a better description would be to refer to David Breather as the Dr. Frankenstein of Blind Bunny, as he has undoubtedly created a monster. A seemingly harmless, fuzzy, cuddly blind bunny turns out to be a sinister, vicious, and horrifying representation of all that is wrong in the World today. All is not what it seems and what lies beneath is the real danger. That is the general premise of the Blind Bunny and clearly that will not answer the real question we are trying to answer here.
If you were to see the Blind Bunny album cover art, or the song titles, the logo image of a gentle looking bunny without eyes, or the album titles “The Blind Bunny Is Real” and “The Blind Bunny Is Comin’ To Town” you will likely be thinking, “What the fuck is Blind Bunny?”
Well? Here it goes. Blind Bunny is a genre bending, experimental duo, with a strong focus on Metal. Layered with samples. Electronic ambience. Surprising Jazz elements. Hip Hop beats, and many other unexpected sounds and musical explorations. All sliced and diced together with healthy doses of hard and dirty Metal and Grindcore mastery administered throughout. But you really need to listen to Blind Bunny to truly understand. So, here is the plan. Head on over to http://blindbunny.bandcamp.com after reading this piece, and listen to both albums. That is genuinely the best way for you to understand Blind Bunny. But for now, read on and complete the background before you release yourself into the sonic chaos of Blind Bunny.
The other half of Blind Bunny, is metal legend Erik Burke. For those of you not well versed in metal circles, Erik has played with some of the foremost musicians and bands in metal history. Starting with the seminal Technical Death Metal/Mathcore band Lethargy with none other than Brann Dailor and Bill Kelliher who you may recognize as two members of the extremely popular band Mastodon. Brann Dailor, arguably one of the best drummers in the World, has credited Erik’s songwriting in Lethargy as a defining element in his playing style. Post Lethargy, Erik has played with Metal heavyweights such as Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, and Napalm Death. He currently also plays in Sulaco, and is also the drummer in Blurring with Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault, S.O.D., and founding member of Anthrax with Scott Ian). A seminal figure in the world of Thrash and a Metal legend in his own right.
Erik Burke provides the Metal Mayhem, and David Breather provides all of the other insanity… and pieces it all together like… well here it is again… Dr. Frankenstein! Every track truly is a Frankenstein monster stitched together and electrified to life with killer riffs, and authentic, surprising, genre hopping (no pun intended) musical interludes… which will leave you wanting more. And much more there will be. So strap in, and take Blind Bunny for a test drive… but be ready for the unexpected. And be ready for some face melting metal as the Blind Bunny attacks! You now have been briefed. You have all of the information you require to answer part of the question, now go over to http://blindbunny.bandcamp.com and complete the answer to the question…
What the eff is Blind Bunny!?

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