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Second roundup of great music from Mass/New England and Boston! Part 1 can be found here.
Dr. Wolfbear – Cerberus is Love
Late night lo fi bedroom recordings from Dave Wolfbear (Skyjelly/Tiki Twins) – endorsed by The Needle Drop (aka The Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd). Jesus and Mary Chain meets MBV.
Taken from: Cerberus is Love
Label: Unsigned / Independent
Social Media/Web: Facebook | Twitter

Prefab Messiahs – The Man Who Killed Reality

When Worcester rockers the Prefab Messiahs are the ones speaking up for the real world, you know we’re all in trouble. The band’s 2015 album “Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive” was a paean to ’60s psychedelia, grounded by a ’70s punk sensibility. And that aesthetic is still in play on the band’s new music video, “The Man Who Killed Reality,” a scathing rebuke of President Trump, “alternative facts” and a culture that has conflated politics and reality TV spectacle so much that they’ve collapsed into one another.
Worcester Telegram

Taken from: Psychsploitation Today
Label(s): Burger Records / KLYAM / Summersteps Records
Social Media/Web: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Further Reading: Boston Hassle | 50thirdand3rd | Louder Than War

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea – Julia Persig

A uniformity of theme is apparent in the name of the quartet (a sometime quintet with cellist) and the album.  The theme continues with the inspiration behind the tracks, each of which bears the title of a sailor or ship lost at sea.  Extra credit is awarded the band for the written summaries that accompany each piece.  Now add intriguing cover art and the gorgeous dual-toned vinyl, which imitates the orange and red of a foreboding sunrise.  Even the name of the label – Faded Maps Records – fits the profile.
A Closer Listen

Taken from: Know Your Scene Vol. 2 (Eye Design Records)
Label(s): Faded Maps
Social Media/Web: Facebook | Twitter
Further Reading: MetalSucks

Along – Pastoria
You can’t keep a good man down and you also can’t keep a good man from exploring as many genres in his music as possible – latter goes for all the projects and bands that Jacob Schwartz was involved in so far (Eu La, Sadha, Scrolling and, most recently, Deoxy). Considering the curious case of Along’s self-titled debut – its filled to the brimmed with a combination of black metal, prog rock and serious amounts of shredding, yet the biggest surprise awaits at the end – “Pastoria” (which can be heard during the Palace sessions) is smooth 80s-style funk workout which would’ve made Prince proud.
Taken from: Along
Label(s): Unsigned/Independent
Social Media/Web: Facebook
Further Reading: Sound Parade

Karen Zanes – Riding with the Longhairs

Karen Zanes is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from the Boston/Cambridge area. In addition to her solo project, she is a contributing member of the experimental-noise-psych-electronica project, Violet Nox. Other affiliated projects include The Freeways, Ghost Machine Noise, Second Day Venom.
Blending elements of psychedlia and folk – Zanes utilizes various acoustic and electric guitars and tunings, slides, small percussion instruments, loops and tanpura drones to create sparse, sometimes cinematic soundscapes.
Hearing Room

Taken from: Calico
Label(s): Reverb Worship
Social Media/Web:  Facebook

Gull Boy – F.I.R.

Stories bathed in music at the darker edge of Paisley Underground 84, the Liverpool Zoo Records label 79-90 and the Glasgow Postcard Records label 80-81

Taken from: Goblin Song / F.I.R.
Label(s): Unsigned / Independent
Social Media/Web: Facebook | Website

Solarein – Adrift

a place in your mind where dreams take flight.

Taken from: Adrift
Label(s): Unsigned / Independent
Social Media/Web: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Selfserv – Main Thing

The story of an inspired Earthling continues. If your into that dirty bass driven boom bap with heavy drums this is the beat tape for you.

Taken from: Earthling 2
Label(s): Fire Nation Productions
Social Media/Web: Twitter | Soundcloud

Nick Minieri / Colin Domigan – Agency (VIP)

Colin Domigan has certainly “Been Busy.” The fledgling producer may just be getting his start on the circuit, but his productions are already destined for widespread rave adoption. His debut album Buddy List, is an ambitious foray into a wide variety of genres that serves to show off a wide array of tastes and influences.
Dancing Astronaut

Taken from: Buddy List
Label(s): Unsigned / Independent
Social Media/Web: Colin Domigan – Twitter | Nick Minieri – Twitter

Blank Videotapes – Come Closer

There are some artists that producers should really listen to as a masterclass of brilliant and innovative production. From DJ Screw to Flying Lotus to Boards of Canada. Take your pick of producers . My pick has been Lemon Jelly, whom i have been a huge fan of for m whole life. As such I did the honors of chopping and screwing their songs as tribute. My chopped and screwed flip of Lemon Jelly’s “Closer” and “Come”.

Taken from: Lo-Fi Remixes
Label(s): Unsigned / Independent
Social Media/Web: Lightning Pill – Twitter

Dyr Faser – Save Save Save

This experimental trio is determined to activate your body & curious mind with electro (kraut)rock explorations. DYR FASER develop an ongoing motorik drive that will creep slowly but surely into your unsuspecting brain. Like The Velvet Underground jamming with The Dandy Warhols in a space shuttle.

Label(s): Silber Records
Social Media/Web: Facebook | Twitter
Further Reading: Subba-Cultcha | Turn Up the Volume | 50thirdand3rd

Jake Meginsky – Midnight Sons

When he’s not working under his moniker Vapor Gourds, Jake Meginsky crafts meticulously disorienting music under his own name. Meginsky, a trained percussionist, shifts rhythms with a thrilling unpredictability.
Fact Mag

Taken from: Basslines (2×7)
Label(s): Open Mouth / NNA Tapes / Second Sleep
Social Media/Web: Twitter
Further Reading: AdHoc | Wire

Albert DeMuth – Call the Police

Brooding, ever evolving loops delivered with his great sense of catching you off guard with a joke, smiling, and waiting for you to catch it. Proud to carry this for my dog.
State Laughter

Taken from: Corporate Rights
Label(s): Wharf Cat Records
Social Media/Web: Twitter
Further Reading: Fuckin’ Record ReviewsYellow Green Red

The Channels – Diagram

Comprised of members of Designer, Guerilla Toss and Aykroyd, The Channels combine the farcical alternative of Primus and the technical maelstrom of King Crimson, creating a sound that is wholly unique in its usage of instrumentation: two drummers, a guitarist and a bassist. The resulting music splits the two drummers into the left and right channels (maybe where they got the band name from?), and pushes the bass to the forefront, with the guitar spitting out dissonant gouts of aural phlegm into the dirt.
Impose Magazine

Taken from: Diagram
Social Media/Web: Facebook

Death is the Dream – Hanafubuki

Occult, Dark Ambient, Black Metal, Film Score, Meditative sound.

Taken from: Skathi
Label(s): Unsigned / Independent
Social Media/Web: Facebook

The Sound Down Cellar – That Devil Song

We are a straightforward alternative rock collective with a side of pickles. We try to always leave room for shady propositions, making space for banjo only versions and club house remixes. The last show featured members who had met only twice, but felt like they were long lost shipmates, reunited. Please don’t ask us when our set starts, cause it will probably change after we finish playing.  

Taken from: The Living Remains
Label(s): Unsigned / Independent
Social Media/Web: Facebook
Further Reading: WICN

Kurt Von Stetten – How Can I Explain

Multi-instrumentalist, BMX flatlanding, photog Kurt von Stetten is a black belt brewer of some of the tastiest homemadeindie rock to ever tickle your palette. Kurt plays every instrument, on every song, on several self-produced full-length albums—mixing and matching overheard conversations and mental picture tacking with his favorite indie-rock memories.

Taken from: Cycle
Label(s): Unsigned/Independent
Social Media/Web: Twitter
Further Reading: The Boston Globe | Music Savage

Black Dharma – Don’t Touch Me
BD is a new project of Ray McNamara (Ghost of Electricity).

The Ghost of Electricity is the recording project of Ray McNamara. A guitarist and composer who blends psychedelic tones, pop songwriting, and DIY-punk into his intricate compositions. The Ghost of Electricity’s music explores themes of modern alienation, love, space, and the deep sea.

Taken from: Black Dharma
Label(s): Spark and Fizz
Social Media/Web: Facebook | Twitter
Further Reading: PortsmouthNH

The Monsieurs – How We Roll

The Monsieurs are known for the uncanny ability to make any persons head bang into a furious whiplash with simple rock and roll grooviness. Backed by two blonde bombshells, Hilken Mancini and Erin King assist frontman Andy Macbain in leading the Monsieurs through an unleashing indictable rockin’ rollin’ assault with sharp aesthetics, and aggression rooted in a keen pop sensibility making this platter just palatable enough for those with even the easiest listenings of taste.

Taken from: The Monsieurs “Deux” LP
Label(s): Slovenly Recordings / Black Gladiator
Social Media/Web: Facebook
Further Reading: WBUR | Rockerzine

Psychic Dog – Bus Song

Psychic Dog is a mutt – a handsome mix of rock, punk and weird. 3 Boston-based fellows who love having fun, playing loud for people and sweating beer. Taylor Trashman on bass, Kevin Kupillas on drums/vocals and Dug McCormack on guitar/vocals. Art plays an important role in the Psychic Dog sound and experience and Dug’s flyers and album art are a perfect example of that. Being huge supporters of the local art scene, it’s also not unusual to find them playing shows that promote local galleries or other local artists too. It’s the combination of music, art, friends and L O V E that make Psychic Dog who and what they are.

Taken from: Lunch Went Well
Label(s): Ocelot Records
Social Media/Web: Facebook | Twitter
Further Reading: Chimera Magazine | Rock and Roll and Other Sounds

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