Listen: Cosmic Church of I Heart Noise – Ep. 2

Cosmic Church of I Heart Noise

Episode 2 of our very own radio show – broadcasting via CAMP (France)! Read up on / listen to Episode 1 here.


Solilians – There is No Michigan

Skyjelly – Laisse Jeyedin Jeden

Melted Bodies – Eat Cops

This Ship Argo – Fear
Jeff Hanneman – South of Heaven (Excerpt)
Dystopiate – Automaton
Alosi Den – As You Were / Soft Descent
R. Stevie Moore – You Always Want What You Don’t Have
Metz – No Ceiling
Guiding Light – Broken Teeth
Stereolab – Mudra
Neuro No Neuro – Getting All Wound Up
Dark Sunny Land – The Reflecting Pool
Leah Callahan – The Red Eye
Idles – Carcinogenic
Cary Grace – Khepera at the Dawn
Disco Sam – Pan
Petridisch – Amaranth Loop II
Gull Boy – Shredder (Tommy’s Troubles)
Suko & Modus – Welcoming Rituals
James Britt – Manhattan
David Grubbs – Creep Mission
Wifehood – No Moon on the Coast
Mystery Man segue
Eyes Everywhere – Eyes Everywhere
Emerald Comets – Swoon
Sunwatchers – Brave Rats
Drum Improv by Steve Drozd aka Dad Working on Drum Beat
Cerca – Talking Drone
Soft Pink Truth – Protest and Survive (Discharge Cover)
Healers Co – 4 A.M. (Radio Mix)
Tom Waits – Chick a Boom
Background music – Skyjelly – Sixes (Doom Trip Records)