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Cosmic Church of I Heart Noise

Fresh cocktail of pure sonic awesomeness from underground and overground to keep your ears screaming for more!

This is CAMP Radio, broadcasting direct from our revolutionary arts facility high in the French Pyrenees. On these airwaves can be found a diverse array of audible pleasures, from drones to poetry, punk to grime, improv to environmental sound.

I Heart Noise is taking over the online airwaves thanks to CAMP! Listen to the first episode of the Cosmic Church of IHN, our very own radio show.

Not the first time we tried our hand at doing the radio either – see Boston Becomes Eclectic, a show we dedicated to music from Boston / New England running via Extra Resonance.


Solilians – I Have Been, and Always Shall Be, Your Friend (Goodbye Better)

Solilians space drone dreams are the interstellar journeys of mystic seekers, mantra minimalism for the next generation. Benjamin Malkin’s slow motion ambient dub prisms of klezmer melody refract Sharon Malkin’s Mediterranean Hebrew beauty; while Gabriel Walsh’s psychedelic sci-fi edge dances with Neptune Sweet’s otherworldly cosmic majesty, all coming together on Shin, the four-piece’s debut full-length. Think Stereolab slowed down to Stars Of The Lid. – Noisy Ghost PR

Skyjelly – I’m Gonna Take The Day for Granted (Self Released)

Skyjelly is a band from Fall River that plays in a scary old mill – one floor up from a mean Southern Rock band who wondered if they were having séances (they weren’t) (not really, anyway).

Further Reading: Spectrum Culture

Retsoor – Good Times, Great Oldies (Self Released)

Jason Sebastian Russo grew up playing bass in Mercury Rev when Mercury Rev was nuts.

Jason Sebastian Russo started the psychedelic rock band Hopewell (named after his hometown) in High School, and Hopewell is still around today, some twenty years on.

Then, for a Pt. 3, as if he weren’t busy enough, he gets a call to record with some buddies in England, and puts together the first Common Prayer album. Neil Halstead from Slowdive helped put it out.

More facts about Retsoor aka Jason Sebastian Russo can be found on Perfect Sound Forever

Seefeel – Time to Find Me (AFX Fast Mix) (Warp Records)

Petridisch – Amaranth Loop I (Euphonium Records)

These short, sugary, and chill little tunes were composed for an actual game (Amaranth Event), but I think they stand up pretty well on their own as brief, moody, hip-hop-inflected vignettes. – I Thought I Heard a Sound

John Jacob Niles – Little Black Star (Camden)

Reading via ghostcapital

Disco Sam – Heaven’s a Place I Know (Self Released)

Classical violinist who studied with Oscar Ravina of the NY Philharmonic. Studied guitar with Vic Juris who was sampled for Gang Starr’s Mass Appeal hit. Appeared in Music of the Heart with Meryl Streep (d. by Wes Craven)

John Lee – Fish Out of Water (Chant Records)

Chu Bubaloo is the third album from guitarist and composer John Lee. Recorded in September 2013, this album captures a dark transitional period in Lee’s life. In the thick of depression and a recent separation, Chu Bubabloo is an intriguing memoir about failure, success, and possibility of purpose. Elements of afrobeat, folk, indie, jazz, and surf rock tie together Chu Bubabloo into an epic searing guitar story.

Ganser – Projector (Felte)

The Chicago quartet’s second album Just Look at That Sky is a refinement of each of the aspects that make Ganser’s darkly abstract approach to punk unique. While the abrasion of their debut Odd Talk hasn’t been filed down, it’s been given new shapes and richer textures, while the rhythmic tension remains the driving force, maintaining a consistently breathtaking urgency through their most otherworldly and accessible moments alike. – Treble

AGED – No Surprise at All (nim)

Laptop produced, nostalgic for analog.

A midwestern middle-aged man manipulates Audacity-generated tones, his voice, some samples, and some field recordings in an effort to maintain something of a creative life despite [waves hands] everything. The world’s mildest midlife crisis. Computer music for staring at the ceiling.

Barbara Morgenstern – Angel’s Whisper (Fish Prints)

“It’s the end of the world as we know it”, quotes Morgenstern in the first track R.E.M. and their singer Michael Stipe, after whom her album opener is named. An homage – the 1987 R.E.M. piece is still an effective pop mantra, even more than 30 years after its release; one that helps us to endure all these contradictions out there– and Michael Stipe himself was already seen as a guest at Barbara’s concert at the New York club Tonic in 2004.

Betwixt – Needlesness (Archenemy Record Co.)

Long ago, in the late 90s, out of the ashes of Turkish Delight and Bulkhead, the Boston art-rock band Betwixt was born. This was my first “real” band, and our 1997-2000 run is an enduring highlight of my musical career.

Upon its original release, CMJ called the record “a twisted, yet thoroughly beguiling mess of form-free pop” and added “this beautifully strange record, which is lodged tightly in the gorge that divides avant-pop and art-damaged rock, is elusive and challenging enough to puzzle and enchant even the most fickle listeners. – Gordon Withers

Dark Sunny Land – The Flower in the Dream (Self Released)

Yes, the music of Dark Sunny Land occupies mostly a peculiar heat haze hinterland, a semi-permanent perch that always appears to threaten a massive increase in volume, but never does. – Julian Cope

Emerald Comets – Knock the Thoughts (Self Released)

Even if the word ‘dreampunk’ makes your eyes roll in the back of your head, Strangelands is a treasure chest of tonic soundscapes and some of the year’s strongest collaborative songwriting. – Matt DeMello

Moon Duo – Lost Heads (Sacred Bones)

An album where, for once, you can judge the book by the cover.

Bright and colourful images of space creatures grooving (I want to paraphrase Pink Floyd’s ‘with a pict’ from Ummagumma which kind of matches the vibe) but more likely in an interplanetary disco to some dead groovy sounds. – At the Barrier

Mourning A Blkstar – Blk Water (Self Released)

MAB’s songs outwardly confront issues of racism, oppression and police violence. The group defines itself as a punk band but with genre-bending jazz, lo-fi and operatic elements. MAB adheres to the punk tradition of connecting with audiences through songs about political and social injustices. – WKSU

Turkish Delight – Grammy (Reckless Yes)
Violet Nox – Moonshine (Sleep Fuse)
Pylon – Driving School (Live) (Chunklet Industries)
Corey J. Brewer – World Without Pizza-Sad Salad – off our Spring 2019 Sampler
God No! – Hulk (Reckless Yes)
Gull Boy – The Offer (Self Released)
Darryl Blood / Gordon Withers – The Staircase (Self Released)
Sawak – Get Out of the House (Pit Sounds)
Coupler – The Technocrat (yk Records)
Thor & Friends – Dies in Paris (feat. Bill Callahan) (Joyful Noise Recordings) – read our interview with Thor Harris
Charlie Nothing – Live at Hotel Utah, San Francisco
Bob Melanson – November Echo Whiskey (Self Released)

Background music: Sixes by Skyjelly (Doom Trip Records)

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