Recap: IHN Fests…So Far
Recap: IHN Fests…So Far

Recap: IHN Fests…So Far

IHN Fest is back after extended hiatus with October edition. Think Shane Parish, Skyjelly, Solilians and many others – all happening tonight at 7PM EST, so don’t forget to tune in via our Youtube channel!

IHN Fest 10 1 Poster 1

In the meantime, here are links to all of our previous online fests (along with a little playlist).

5/1 – featuring Wolfbear, Skyjelly, So Li’l, Electric Djinn, Magoo, Earthly Frames, Incentive, Matt DeMello

6/1 – featuring Skyjelly, Wolfbear, DCKM, Neuro…No Neuro, Forbidden Planet, Billordo, Violet Nox, The Sun Beats Down, Yar Dreams of Sela, m.a.s.s.a.i., Embryoroom, dj ewi

7/1 – featuring Petridisch, Turkish Delight, Tofurkey (TD Tribute), William Carlos Whitten, Skyjelly, Solilians

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