Listen: Guest Mix by Allister Thompson
Listen: Guest Mix by Allister Thompson

Listen: Guest Mix by Allister Thompson

We heard Allister Thompson’s songs and premiered his videos and were highly impressed by his singing/songwriting abilities (as well as general genrehopping). We couldn’t resist when he asked us about contributing a guest mix – so here it is in all its glory! No scrubs or industry plants to be found within….

Barren Land is out now.


Diane Marie Kloba – This Is a Prayer (Striped Shirt Records)
Whettman Chelmets – Break in Fluidity (Self Released)
Sarah Schonert – Restless (Self Released)
Acef Stripe -Tumbleweeds At Dusk (Self Released)
Matt Borghi – Deep Side of Tomorrow (Self Released)
Binaural Space – Riding Bike With Grandpa (Self Released)
Cary Grace – Letterbox (Door 13 Music)
Forest Robots – A Detailed Cartography (Wormhole World)
Wintarsläf – Dies Irae (Self Released)
Memory Mask – Sleepwalkers (Self Released)
Sound Effects of Death and Horror – Floating (Wormhole World)
The Ashen – Weep While You Can (Kosi Records)
Wolfgang Merx – On Land (Self Released)
Solilians – There is No Michiganyou know, you know….
Hylozoic – gmork (Self Released)
Brusalan – Peace (Self Released)
Greg Nieuwsma – Take Steps (Wormhole World)
Justin Robinson – Lure of the Sea (Self Released)
Loneward – Ethereal Glow (Self Released)
Make-Believe Machines – This Olive Branch Is a Hornet’s Nest (Self Released)
moduS ponY – Glock Piece (Strategic Tape Reserve)
Scott Lawlor – Fallen Butterflies (Self Released)
Twilight Fields – Joy (Self Released)
Gateless Gate – Unimaginable Light Shines Out (Custom Made Music)

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