Listen: Fighter Jets x IHeartNoise December 2020 Mixtape
Listen: Fighter Jets x IHeartNoise December 2020 Mixtape

Listen: Fighter Jets x IHeartNoise December 2020 Mixtape

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Fighter Jets is an alternative/electro/synthpop band formed in 2015, originally from San Francisco and currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

“A gritty, Deadly Avenger-recalling cut. Despite its name, don’t expect an easy-breezy night on the town.” -Vehlinggo #OneLiners on Under the City Lights



1. ††† (Crosses) – fron†iers (Sumerian Records 2014)

    [This power-house project is spearheaded by Shaun Lopez (FAR, The Revolution Smile) and Chino Moreno (Deftones). I first met Shaun Lopez almost 20 years ago when I was 14 years old. I used to sneak out of my house to see them, in turn they would have to sneak me into their 21+ shows as their fake merch guy. Shaun was my ‘Almost Famous‘ experience as a kid, and I am happy I can call him a friend & mentor now as an adult.]

2. Trevor Something – I Want Your Love (In Your Brain LLC 2019)

3. The Midnight – Dance with Somebody (Counter Records 2020)

    [What else can be said about these Synthwave headliners? We share their love of modems and floppy disks. And it doesn’t hurt that Tyler Lyle is one of the nicest people in the music industry.]

4. TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL – C h i l l 私の女性と [ d a y s a i l e r s ] (Power_Lunch Records 2017)

    [TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL is my favorite vaporwave artist. The perfect song for the holidaze. This cut comes from the rare AZURESANDS split they did on Power_Lunch Records.]

5. darkDARK – Tell Them You’re Here [Heyz Remix] (Nettwerk Records 2020)

    [Genevieve Vincent is an accomplished composer, one of my favorite singers, and my favorite Canadian in LA. Her vocals shine on this killer Heyz remix for her band darkDark.]

6. M.K. Khan – Hope For A New World (2020)

    [This Khan track is pure OutRun in its truest form. He’s also a talented visual artist, and side note: I have a major man-crush on him.]

7. The Warhorse – Merry Xmas Everybody (Kill All Music 2020)

    [These guys are fucking punk rock, and breaking the mold in the LA synth scene. KillxAllxMusic is also one of the most hardworking and down to earth labels left—support them!]

8. Betamaxx & Primo The Alien – Watch Me (OEM Records 2020)

    [Betamaxx is the prodigal son of Tangerine Dream, and a Synthwave OG. Talented singer & producer Primo The Alien throws her chops down on this cinematic pop hit.]

9. Fighter JetsAlone In Our Rooms [Nikky Virus Remix] (Near Infinity/Quitterz Music 2019)

    [It’s an amazing feeling when our friends remix our songs and make us like their versions more than our originals. We got to hang with this rad soul backstage at our Xmas show last year when shows were a thing.]

10. Still Corners – The Trip (Sub Pop 2013)

11. Mac Quayle – 1.0_2-oneincontrol.aiff [Mr. Robot Soundtrack] (Lakeshore Records 2016)

    [The music Mac Quayle writes connects directly into my heart & soul, and his work on Mr. Robot (Written & Directed by Sam Esmail) is the pinnacle of it. Perfect for long and lonely walks in the city.]

NOTE: Fighter Jets & IHeartNoise disclaim any ownership or copyright to the above music. All individual tracks are products of copyrights of the above artists. All Rights Reserved by the respective artists & record labels/publishers. Fair Use applied. 

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