Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2017
Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2017

Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2017

Great Songs From Boston and New England of 2017
And here it is – our roundup of all the music from Boston and New England of 2017 we loved! Comment, share and, most importantly, happy listening!
1-10 – Allysen Callery, Banana Brownie, Bong Wish, Tiki Twins, Lord Gorgeous, Brass Hearse, Atlas Lab, Twink, Mercy Choir, Sudden Duo
11-30 – Dr. Wolfbear, Prefab Messiahs, Ghosts of Sailors at Sea, Along, Karen Zanes, Solarein, Selfserv, Nick Minieri / Colin Domigan, Blank Videotapes, Dyr Faser, Jake Meginsky, Albert DeMuth, The Channels, Death is the Dream, The Sound Down Cellar, Kurt Von Stetten, Black Dharma, The Monsieurs, Psychic Dog
51-70 – Rick Rude, Bugjar, Under Atoms, Patient Minds, Burnt Belief, Grassy Knolls, The Max Tribe, Dazey and the Scouts, Downtown Boys, Creaturos, Black Beach, Mike Sim, Ryan Kayhart, Dimples, Bilge Rat, Crippled Beggar, Missionary Work, SEA, Mini Dresses, Blue Heron
31-50 – Horse Girl, Intercourse, Seneca B., Infinity Girl, Banana, Leopard Print Taser, Summoner, Banshee, Skyjelly, Slumlord, Doug Tuttle, Nicholas Burgess, Aurora Birch, Glass House, Landing, Constant Smiles, Littlefoot, Jeffrey Gallagher, M.O.O.N., Muddler
71-87 – Sweeps, Dr. Quandary, Honey Cutt, Medical Maps, Michael Barrett, Milk, Exit Order, Future Spa, Rivener, Pumpkin Bread, Junius, What Cheer? Brigade, Hayley Thompson-King, Dzo-nga, Modern Painters, Elder, The Rupert Selection
88-100 – Bent Knee, Pile, Notches, Test Meat, Lenderson, Lady Pills, Birdgangs, Birdwatching, Really From, Baron, WIMP, June Bloom


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