Watch/Listen – Deep Cuts Deli Benefit Pre-Show Mix
Watch/Listen – Deep Cuts Deli Benefit Pre-Show Mix

Watch/Listen – Deep Cuts Deli Benefit Pre-Show Mix

Deep Cuts Deli Benefit Poster
Its no secret that the amount of independently owned live music venues in Boston is shrinking and shrinking dramatically (exhibit A – Club Bohemia). Thus, its even more important to highlight good news, as rare as they are to come by. One of those rare rays of light came in the shape of news about sandwich shop/artist sanctuary Deep Cuts Deli being set up/crowdfunded by Ian Macgregor.
We came to know Ian via a series of shows and releases he put together as Eye Design MA. Deep Cuts Deli project, however, is far more ambitious than anything he did in the past. As he explains on Indiegogo:
[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]DEEP CUTS envisions a venue offering a wide range of workshops and opportunities aimed at highlighting the talents of aspiring artists and musicians. My goal is to transform a wholesome, daytime deli into a nighttime artists’ sanctuary showcasing bands, movie screenings, and art shows whetting the appetites of a diversity of artists and clients. DEEP CUTS aims to create relationships between the local community and artists in a common milieu where the products of food, music, and art continue to satisfy a growing audience.[/perfectpullquote]
At this point the project received about 4k in funding (out of its 50k goal) and perks to backers include anything from stickers and pins (25$-50$) to practice time (200$). More importantly, there’s also a benefit happening tomorrow at Great Scott and we highly recommend everyone to attend!

We also put together a little playlist featuring all the bands playing DCD Benefit – Ovlov, Kindling, Bad History Month, Ozlo, Settler and Saccharine. 10$ / 6 bands – all for an extremely good cause. What is not to like?

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