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These sessions were put together during the summer of 2020 as a reprieve from some of the more conceptual stuff I was working on. It felt good to not write about anything in particular. There’s no story or deeper meaning, just a kind of raw feeling driving the tracks. I worked in a higher BPM than I usually do and just made music while eating pistachios (the top nut Pinched fingers).


I wanted the first track to hit hard right off the bat. A small reprieve in the middle aids the return of the full kit – this time with extra punch.


Here we slow down a bit. I was looking to keep “II” more mellow and uplifting. It acts as a helping hand to lift you out of the onslaught experienced in “I.” Some pulls from a few early melodic techno influences.


A nice slice of acid electro here. Around two and half minutes in the acid line starts to weep- I just love it. Honestly thought about looping it much longer. When I sent this to Tom (of STV) he referred to it as “mournful acid” – I’m a fan.


There’s a pattern at this point. Evens and odds providing slightly different feelings. Another uplifter with a slow build into a solid, mid-tempo 4/4 and a dancing acid line. Mark (invisibleplan) put together a fantastic video for this one as well.


Some more aggressive sequencing – varying hat and bass drum rhythms, but with the snare providing the solid ground. The synth pads also gives some woozy but consistent support in contrast to the convulsing slap bass line.


The final elevation. Maybe what you’d hear while the sun is coming up after being out all night. You should feel good listening to this one – something triumphant about it. More melodic techno vibes.


The final track goes to a deeper and darker place. This track almost didn’t make the cut simply due to its slower and more cinematic nature. Whereas maybe the previous track would be your sunrise, this one might be your sunset.

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