Track-by-Track // PJ Sykes – Fuzz
Track-by-Track // PJ Sykes – Fuzz

Track-by-Track // PJ Sykes – Fuzz

PJ Sykes Fuzz

PJ has recorded and performed live in bands for over twenty years, releasing and promoting music on his own independent record label, Cherub Records. He’s collaborated with everyone from the mysterious outsider artist Jandek to the world’s most prolific songwriter, Matt Farley of Motern Media.

Do You Remember was written and performed during the Hoax Hunters years and was originally intended to be the single on the follow up to our album Clickbait. We released a quick home recording before our last shows, but I felt like this song belonged on FUZZ, which is kind of the follow up album.

Holding On was the hardest song to write and finish. I knew it had potential and so I recorded several versions until the feeling was just right. Some versions were slower, some with almost no FUZZ, before finally landing on this sort of hybrid version.

Dunkin’ on the General song title is a reference to the instantly iconic Scott Elmquist photo from last summer. Scott’s photo perfectly captured the energy and spirit of Marcus-David Peters Circle. The Lee Monument is currently still up, but could come down at any time. For those who don’t live in Richmond, VA the state owns that property not the city. There’s a tricky legal battle going on.

This Song Is A Protest is a reference to Kelli Anderson’s amazing series of books called This Book Is A ______ [camera] [planetarium] AND her activism. I caught her at a virtual conference last year and she sparked my creativity. I realized later that I had been a fan of her work for years, going back to The Yes Men.

How To Germinate A Heart is a mental health song. Something we should all spend more time on but certainly last year was extra hard. After a few bangers I wanted to shift gears sonically.

Real Life is mostly a six string bass played like a guitar. There are no rules when you make art! Thank you Matt Klimas (The Snowy Owls) for leaving your Fender Bass VI at my house before the pandemic.

Stardust is a shout out to my fellow DIY lifers, artists, and other weirdos who keep making stuff. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to make art. Go make your own stardust!

Aerosol is simply about leaving a bad situation. Maybe it’s your job or a personal relationship or maybe a strange cult? Leave that cult, Nippy!

Another Frequency phewww… I wrote this one maybe 2 years ago, before the pandemic/election year, it’s about the current state of things and unfortunately it only rang more and more true last year. There’s a lot of intentional things going on sonically. Listen with headphones.

Weebles Wobble is the album coda because I just didn’t feel right leaving things where Another Frequency ends. It’s a hopeful song about getting back to life and all the simple things we took for granted before.
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