Track-by-Track // Old Man Mike – Greenback
Track-by-Track // Old Man Mike – Greenback

Track-by-Track // Old Man Mike – Greenback

Long Way

This was a track made outside of structure – and yet inside a story – I felt it was a perfect introlude to a concept album yet to be made, and yet made it was. Acceptance, joy, safety in death – a spirit guided by invisible hands.


In reality this may have been the first track recorded on the album – at a time when I was living without goal and with only excess, the river flowing here in early morning- post night – enter sanity


And so begins the concept – a story told through the eyeglass of early 2000’s before any of this shit – before 9/11 even – when the most pressing subject was food and women – one in particular – it seemed hard at the time but nothing compared to what was to coming down the road

Eviction Notice

Let’s get lyrical. This story is true and false at the same time. I never sold coke but did, on occasion sell weed, very begrudgingly, but I was in many situations where death might have been the next step. When your day to day, or night to night, consists of dodging bullets or knife edges you can sometimes forget about the reasoning behind it all, the warmth, comfort, love of another. Sometimes we forget about the hand we hold until it’s gone for good.


Before there was a place and it was England, but now we’re in Puerto Rico and time slips like the jolting of a heart. My love walks away from me, perhaps knowing, perhaps not. I am alone and so far from home, yet where I rest can only be thought of as such. It is cold and yet so hot. The sun burns my eyes in the middle of the night. I want to die and yet must live forever.

Lying Eyes

Like a jigsaw things fall into place – here the manifesto of creation, of unity with sound – how does one create a knowing from disorder – how can we accept the sanity and logic of the insane?

Powder Burns

The second “party track” on the album – originally entitled “Gun” but for want of money over violence chose Powder Burns. This is a journey away from violence and yet the encouragement of excessive force. Sometimes blood must flow.

The Emptiness Inside

For this song I used a ouija board and channeled the spirit of David Bowie – he thinks it turned out well so who am I to argue?

one million (y mi a día te le)

When I made this track it was in a file called Imediate- and broken down into non sensical Spanish it reads Y mi a día te le – and on this day I read – and feel like a soft descent into a bubble bath – punk lullabies and fluffy metal – temperature about to break one million.

No Vacancy

In my old flat when we were finding the gods and bleeding powders dry there was a saying: “one more for the good guys”. We believed it in a moment and yet we were not those men- we were the dredges of life, those frayed edges looking for an answer- and yet we felt we deserved it, and we still do.


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