Track-by-Track // Cat Temper – Furbidden Planet
Track-by-Track // Cat Temper – Furbidden Planet

Track-by-Track // Cat Temper – Furbidden Planet

Cat Temper Furbidden Planet

Handing over the mic to artists/musicians who break down their new albums track by track/share the thought process behind the creation. Today we’ll hear from Mike Langlie aka Cat Temper, crazy scientist, musician and visual artist from Boston.

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Released on National Cat Day in the US, “Furbidden Planet” by Cat Temper tells an instrumental tale – or is that tail? – of two brave catstronauts. Read along to the songs as Cat Temper’s Mike Langlie annotates their a-meow-zing mission.

Catstronauts Are Go

Pawsitive vibes abound with a whistling melody and chords as bright and fluffy as midday clouds. Our heroes strap in for adventure as a repeating bass note counts down to lift-off. Drums kick in as boosters fire, hearts racing to a climbing synth. The whistling of wonderment returns as we break through the catmosphere, star-peggios twinkling all around.

Vapour Tails

It’s no time to relax as the ship takes course. A routine systems check is interrupted by alarms. Diagnostics are performed before declaring a false alarm. A new warning blares and the crew is slammed about the cabin. It’s near panic as bearings are lost and cat-puters go offline.


The chaos subsides and our catstronauts find they are approaching an unknown planet. Could the ship have traveled through a wormhole? How ironic that they received deworming treatments as part of the pre-flight health regimen.

Impawsible Artifacts

The ship settles into orbit around the planet. Ruins of an apparently ancient civilization stand in an otherwise barren landscape. A silence falls over the cabin as sensors pick up an enormous structure over the horizon. Upon approach its uncanny appearance defies belief.

A Meowsage From Space

Countless lightyears away at home the monitoring team receives a strange signal. Algorithms begin to interpret encrypted information that could only come from an intelligent entity. Brows are furrowed and fur stands on end as meaning emerges from the noise.

Space Oddkitty

The ship lands and boots meet the surface of an alien world. A careful path is traveled through the dust to observe the meowsterious monument. A vantage point is finally reached to take in the extraordinary sight. Caution is thrown to the wind as the catstronauts feel compelled to remove their helmets. Environmental alerts are ignored in their hypnotic state.


The fugue is broken as our heroes struggle to breathe. A poisonous air fills their lungs and confusion floods their minds. Emergency training is forgotten while they fight for breath. Things look grim as they collapse into unconsciousness.

The Anomewly

Protective suits ping as waves of radiation emanate from the looming statue. Something changes in the explorers’ DNA. They begin to stir but what will awaken?

Changing Purrception

Two bodies rise from the ground. They look like our heroes but something in their eyes and posture seems different. Wordless glances are shared and the air around them is filled with crackling electricity. In a flash of blinding light they are gone and the landscape is once again still.

A Mew Beginning

Back on Earth the cosmic code is close to being cracked. Cat-puters overheat as they churn through final calculations. All equipment on the base suddenly shuts down before a glowing portal appears in the middle of mission control. A pair of figures in familiar space suits emerge from the vortex, but what’s inside is sure to be unexpected…

Get “Furbidden Planet” and Cat Temper’s other albums on Bandcamp.


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