Track-by-Track: Body in the Thames – Public Domain 3D Terrain
Track-by-Track: Body in the Thames – Public Domain 3D Terrain

Track-by-Track: Body in the Thames – Public Domain 3D Terrain

Body in the Thames Public Domain 3D Terrain

Caught somewhere between a 4am Balearic summer sunrise and a 4pm Nordic autumn sunset Body In The Thames’ Public Domain 3D Terrain is an LP length release that spans 5 tracks of beautifully crafted electronic music for all the orange skied dancefloors in your head. There are no dense narratives, no elaborate concepts, just a set of perfectly formed, artfully shaped and well-proportioned grooves. – from liner notes by Phil Bloomfield

Handing over the mic to artists/musicians who break down their new albums track by track/share the thought process behind the creation. Today we’ll hear from Body in the Thames, Swedish musician whose new EP is out now on Disintegration State.

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What can I say about this release?

Some facts: It’s 5 instrumental pieces stretching to just under 42 minute and I made these tracks in my Stockholm basement studio in April & May of last year/2020.

Here’s what my studio looks like

Body in the Thames Studio

There is a concept to this release

the album is set out like a sensory narrative of what we’re all missing most – a night out dancing

So it’s designed as a condensed memory of what was really taken quite for granted up until very recently

and it plays like this

6000 … cash

waking from the disco nap and going to some murky car park to score the night’s supplies

Alligator Soufflé

In the car on the way to the rave, playfully bubbling up and anticipating the night ahead, first slow waves of euphoria

Xanthe Acid Youth

the lightness and then the rush of coming up in the strobes and glitter high and losing yourself completely to those childlike feelings of wonder and beauty at the oneness and connectedness of the universe

Bus Trips

The journey home, still buzzing, the crystalline glimmer fading, the body’s senses shifting, the exhausted euphoria of returning to your neutral space

Some People Just Never Know When To Leave

getting home to find your housemates having a ‘back to mine’ and at first being into it but then slowly melting away on the sofa come the wee hours and retreating into the solitude of your cocoon


The album is also ordered with BPMs peaking with ‘Xante’s Acid Youth’ and slowly falling away toward the end of the record. At the same time the tracks get longer and longer throughout the release, giving a feeling of stretched and distorted time, pushing you to exhaustion.


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