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First 30 tracks from an upcoming “Theory Of Everything” compilation (+ videos from Geezer Lake, Professor Calculus, The United Sons Of Toil, Poino and Milk).
1Phone Home – Meds (bio)
2Telethon – OwNixGolly (bio)
3Ted Bundy’s Volkswagon – Whorehopper (bio)
4Old World Vulture – Benny (bio)
5Hopewell – 10,000 Black Masses (pt. 1) (bio)
6Glorie – Still Saved (bio)
7Thorn1 – Now My Clothes Has Your Smell And I Am The One Who Wants To Be Saved(bio)
8The Halls Of Mars – Dial Isis II (bio)
9Whoarfrost – No Self (bio)
10Geezer Lake – Spent (bio)
11. Aeronautix – 7 Orbits (bio)
12. Boogie Monster – Lost In Bollywood (SOS Mix 2) (bio)
13. A Fashionable Disease – Mike’s Song (bio)
14. Mazinga – The Dreaded World (bio)
15. Poino – Code Brown (bio)
16. The Implicit Order – Noetic Action (bio)
17. Milk – Oubliette (bio)
18. Pink City – Wrung (bio)
19. Leet – Was All She Said (bio)
20. Professor Calculus – New Song (bio)
21. Professor Calculus – Beach Song (bio)
22. Milk – William Posters (bio)
23. TGRBLD – Christian Bale (feat. Christian Bale) (bio)
24. The United Sons Of Toil – Overturning The Rumford Fair Housing Act (bio)
25. Calisota – Pine Grove (bio)
26. Une Cavite – La Digestion De Bouffon – new project of Mark Ashworth
27. Wishgift – Cream Acres (bio)
28. True Colour Of Blood – Deny The Prophecy (edit) (bio)
29. Pollux B – Brunettes (bio)
30. Female Demand – Milk The Smile (bio)
Artwork for the compilation was created by Larry Joe Treadway.

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