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A hearty thank you goes out to Shiny Grey Monotone and Shoegazer Alive 5b for providing a link to “Theory Of Everything” comp.
As SGM points out:

we here at SGM would like to point you in the direction of a compilation the folks over at i heart noise put together
we’d also like to suggest that you snag it up
or else
we keed…we keed
no harm would come to you
but the neighbor’s yard…well…there are no promises there
and there are no promises that something from your house would make something happen to your neighbor’s yard
or at least it would look that way
but we have faith in you
there are some bands on it that SGM likes
there are some bands on it that you like
so…let’s forget any of those things were said

Needless to say – you absolutely have check out both SGM and SA5b.

On a Different Note:


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