Swans 2010 Tour – More Reviews + Photos + Videos
Swans 2010 Tour – More Reviews + Photos + Videos

Swans 2010 Tour – More Reviews + Photos + Videos

Last night, Michael Gira’s newly revived noise/no wave/goth outfit Swans delivered a show at the Black Cat that more than made up for the group’s 13-year hiatus: It was as dark and relentless as Swans’ recorded output, and it certainly lived up to the anticipation that comes from all the weirdo lore that surrounds this band.
But most of all, the show was just uncomfortable. It was a good kind of discomfort — a journey through darkness to catharsis — but it was unsettling nonetheless. – Catherine Lewis (Autumnshades) / Express Night Out

A Swans concert is not a democracy. – Aaron Letiko / Click Track / Washington Post

Imagine being trapped inside a tiny unit at a self-storage building that is on fire. You are trapped inside this 5×8 corrugated metal coffin and it is filling with smoke. Imagine yourself panicking, pounding on the walls, walls that keep getting hotter and hotter. You are roasting. Your sweat stings your eyes and soaks through your clothes. Now hear your own cries for help bouncing off of the burning walls, listen as the echoes turn into screams. Welcome to the existential terror that is seeing Swans in concert. – We Love DC

Brooklyn Vegan | Click Track | Express Night Out | The Philadelphia Enquirer | We Love DC
Photo Credits: Erin McCann | Josh Sisk | Justina Villanueva
Video Credits: gothhaggis | IvyMike777

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