Song Premiere: William Wright – Party Planner
Song Premiere: William Wright – Party Planner

Song Premiere: William Wright – Party Planner

William Wright

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Welcome to the strangest party, baby
It’s like we’re staring at the sun
Everybody’s got their invitations
Hoping that you’re gonna come, yeah

Its safe to say there will be fewer (if any) parties in the foreseeable future, so we had to call the spirit of late Michael Hutchence and consult him on the subject of our current premiere. Mr. Hutchence, after all, knew a thing or two about parties.

His spirit confirmed that the party in question (planned by Knoxville TN native William Wright) is, indeed, strange. Moreover, he mentioned it reminded him of something…

And we have to agree – the spirit of Twins Peaks/Black Lodge permeates “Party Planner”. We’re kicking things off with what could be best described as either crackling of electricity (presumably to lighten up the dark dungeon/basement) or the sound of hundreds tiny creatures clapping together. Then the beat and the voice arrive in all their odd glory and all of a sudden your feet start moving along despite your brain screaming that you still don’t know where you are.

But what if you don’t want to know? This is, after all, a strange strange party – maybe not thee strangest, but close (as confirmed by the spirit of Saint Michael). If so, this might just be the right fit for you – celebrate the new strange times with a party taking place deep inside your mind and your headphones/speakers.

WH SPERED Y UR N ME is out on 3/19/20

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