The cassette has been making a bit of a comeback of late, I did not see that coming, and it really is a great medium for bands to get their music out there in physical form in a relatively cheap way…to the extent that I’ve even taken to eBay and got myself a cassette deck and walkman (there’s some real bargains out there) to explore some of this interesting sounds that are coming out.

Which brings me to Skyjelly, a band based in and around the New England area of the US, mainly Boston I think. Their album, Góst Rock, is one that immediately hit me as interesting and different, both in sound and atmosphere. The overall sound gives the impression that the tracks are improvised and ‘homemade’, and to an extent (possibly because I’ve just be listening to the newly re-issued version) reminded me of the Lift To Experience album ‘Texas Jerusalem Crossroads’. This, I would say, is because the music has the same sort of effortlessness to it, yet is also contains a certain finality around it too. You get the feeling that the sounds have poured out of the musicians like the only future is no future. – Figmented Flanteur on Gost Rock