Song Premiere // Typical Sisters – Grains
Song Premiere // Typical Sisters – Grains

Song Premiere // Typical Sisters – Grains

Typical Sisters Love Beam

Does anyone remember The Books? No, not the printed matter (though, chances are, it might’ve been forgotten about with libraries being closed for so long), but the duo of Paul De Jong and Nick Zammuto. While they’re no longer around as a band, their playful spirit clearly lives on through the likes of Typical Sisters.

Consider “Grains”, the subject of this here premiere we’re having, as a proof. It kicks off with sample of a child babbling being played backwards and a thick goop of beats and colorful electronic ornamentation. Its as if the universe itself heard our previous conversation about various flavors of psychedelia and decided we need even more of it – we’ll have whatever you’re sending our way, universe. Thanks for hearing us out.

And while we’re on the subject of influences…

Press release for Love Beam, third album by Typical Girls, comes with a long list of names people involved in making of the record played/worked with in the past. Of particular importance among those is J. Dilla (RIP) as “Grains” clearly got more than enough of his influence in its DNA – be it the use of samples or production (even the title that could well be a not to donuts, the subject of Dilla’s obsession).

Taken altogether, “Grains” could be described as happy song that is not terribly good at hiding its own giddiness. Listening to it I couldn’t help but recall a Russian proverb “laughing for no reason is a sign of stupidity”. With all the uncertainty of what’s happening outside, however, one cannot help but think that giddiness (with or without reason attached) is exactly what one needs to cope right now.

Love Beam is out July 9 via Joyful Noise

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