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Sleep Movies Melt Transmission

The oft-repeated opinion/quote about music produced by Boards of Canada is that it makes you miss places that don’t exist. Yours truly also recalls coming across similar quote about the music of Elephant 6 Collective (“something that happens only between your headphones”) which is also a succinct way of defining (or rather redefining) what the word “psychedelic” means. Its about the texture, first and foremost, regardless whether the music is produced by guitars or synthesizers (or even if no traditional instruments are employed).

BoC and the Elephant 6 Collective bands may sound nothing like each other, but where they are connected is that both push for tactile/textural approach to music. The end result in both cases is akin to being inside an animation and the same can be said about Sleep Movies and their latest single “Darkness”, the subject of this here premiere we’re having.

Listening to “Darkness” feels a lot like flying/travelling through a colorful maze at 200 mph with voices guiding you along the way. Its a massive rabbit hole of its own, not that different from the one Alice fell into a long time ago. And who really needs drugs when music itself generates images so strong?

Melt Transmission is out on July 2nd via Crafted Sounds

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