A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Lake Of Dracula
A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Lake Of Dracula

A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Lake Of Dracula


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Associated Entries: Flying Luttenbachers, Hatewave
Along with Colossamite and Holy Smokes, LoD were Skin Graft supergroup that was active in the late 90s and included members of Flying Luttenbachers, Scissor Girls, Jaks and US Maple. They were named after a 1971 Japanese movie of the same name.
r-405154-1109018Their first (and final) self-titled studio album came out on Skin Graft in 1997. All Music Guide gave the record 4 stars out of 5 and and pronounced that “Lake of Dracula managed to find a garbage can large enough to crawl into and do their recording”. And they concluded that “For only consisting of two vocalists, one guitarist, and one drummer, Lake of Dracula manages to create a big noise that’s not soon forgotten by any mind open enough to listen.”
Further into the 90s, they managed to record a 7″ split with Monitor Radio (which came out Carcrashh label) and Four Teachers / Violators 7″, which came out on Kill Rock Stars. In the late 90s, band members decided to concentrate on other projects and nothing was heard from LoD again.
New millennium saw the release of two post-humous records – one was “Skeletal Remains” compilation, which came out on Savage Land and label and collected bands live material recorded in ’96 and ’97. “Fireside Four: Sinraft Live 1996” collected more live material, this time recorded at Fireside Bowl in Chicago, IL (it came out on Sin Raft, a Norwegian label that releases bootleg versions of material on Skin Graft)
Band Members:
Heather M. (Heather Melowicz) (Scissor Girls)
Jessica Ruffins (Jaks)
Marlon Magas (Couch, Many Moods Of Marlon Magas, Miss High Heel)
Manhattanite (Al Johnson) (Mount Shasta, Shorty, US Maple)
Weasel Walter (7000 Dying Rats, Curse Of The Birthmark, Exzoskeleton, Flying Luttenbachers, Lair Of The Minotaur, Many Moods Of Marlon Magas, Miss High Heel, XBXRX)
Lake Of Dracula CD / LP (Skin Graft, 1997)
Lake Of Dracula / Monitor Radio Split 7″ (Carcrashh, 1998)
Mailorder Freak 7″ Singles Club (June) (Kill Rock Stars, 1998)
Skeletal Remains CD (Savage Land, 2006)
MP3: Plague Of Frogs / Biographers Of The Flaming Druglords


Live at Fireside Bowl (1996)


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