A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Flying Luttenbachers
A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Flying Luttenbachers

A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Flying Luttenbachers

Flying Luttenbachers was a creation of Weasel Walter (7000 Dying Rats, XBXRX, Lake Of Dracula) with an ever-changing line-up of performers. The band lasted from the early 90s to 2007 and ended with a final studio album that was essentially a solo record by Walter.
In the early 90s, Walter formed an extremely short-lived band called “Sound Improvisation Collective”. They lasted for one performance, which took place on March 8, 1991 and the band’s flyer described them as “”the eczema of dada, Ornette, no wave, Partch, punk, Ayler, Company, and Beefheart.”
When he was in high school, one of Walter’s favorite album was 1981 record by Hal Russell and Mars Williams called “Eftsoons”. In the early 90s he met Russell at a concert and they started jamming together and playing Albert Ayler covers.
Eventually, they also invited saxophonist Chad Organ to play with them and thus FL was officially born in the late ’91. Russell (whose birthname was used to come up with band’s name) left by the time that the band recorded their first single and was replaced with Ken Vandermark.
Their debut LP was a live recording done at Northwestern University radio in 1992 and it came out on Walter’s own label ugEXPLODE, followed by 546 Seconds Of Noise EP. Russell passed away in September of ’92, but the band pressed on and recorded 1389 Seconds Of Noise EP, which was described as “punk-jazz” record by many.
More line-up changes followed – by ’93 guitarist Dylan Posa and bassist Jeb Bishop joined the band, while Vandermark quit in ’94 (but returned briefly for a recording of “Destroy All Music” LP). In 1994, they toured East Coast of US, but during the tour Walter pronounced that he’s dissolving the band and recored a number of singles on his own, before reverting to a band format again.
Further years saw a whole number of new recordings where Walter was the only constant member of the band – 1996 “Revenge Of The Flying Luttenbachers” and the follow-up “Gods Of Chaos” were recorded with Chuck Falzone and Bill Pisarro. Other members/associates of the band throughout years included Mick Barr (Octis, Ocrilim, Orthrelm), Mike Green and Fred Lonberg-Holm, among others.
The band toured Europe and US extensively and shared the stage with the likes of Arab On Radar, Locust, Lightning Bolt, US Maple and Wolf Eyes. Their final recording was “Incarceration By Abstraction”, followed by a reissue of 2001 “Trauma” album (both on Walter’s own label ugEXPLODE).Trauma was described as “Almost 70 minutes of dissonant, high-energy free jazz featuring screaming saxophone, gutwrenching contrabass and pummeling drums”, while “Incarceration…” was “Like a nothing-to-lose Don Cabellero or Oxes that are being forced at gunpoint to play for their lives after being raised on a strict diet of Anaal Nathrakh and early Rush”.

Live At WNUR 2-6-92 cassette (ugEXPLODE Records) 1992.
CD (Coat-tail/ugEXPLODE) 1996.

546 Seconds of Noise 7″ ep (Quinnah/ugEXPLODE) 1992

1389 Seconds of Noise 7″ ep (Quinnah/ugEXPLODE) 1993.

Constructive Destruction LP (Quinnah/ugEXPLODE) 1994. CD 1996.

Destroy All Music LP (ugEXPLODE) 1995.

Revenge of the Flying Luttenbachers LP/CD (Skin Graft/ugEXPLODE) 1996.

Live at the Middle East Cafe cassette (Bourgeois Chimp) 1996.

Gods of Chaos CD (ugEXPLODE/Skin Graft) 1997/remastered version 2004.

Retrospektiw III CD (ugEXPLODE/Quinnah) 1998.

“…The Truth Is A Fucking Lie…” LP/CD (ugEXPLODE/SKiN GRAFT) 1999.

Alptraum CD (ugEXPLODE/Pandemonium) 2000.

Trauma 2LP (ugEXPLODE) 2001.

Infection and Decline CD/LP (ugEXPLODE/Troubleman Unlimited) 2002.

Retrospektiw IV CD (ugEXPLODE/Mountain Collective) 2002.

Systems Emerge From Complete Disorder CD/LP (ugEXPLODE/Troubleman Unlimited) 2003.

The Void CD/LP (ugEXPLODE/Troubleman Unlimited) 2004.

Spectral Warrior Mythos Volume One CD EP (ugEXPLODE) 2005.

Cataclysm CD (ugEXPLODE) 2006.

Incarcerated By Abstraction CD (ugEXPLODE) 2007

Compilation Tracks:

“Attack Sequence (93A)” on Pressure Cooker (Furball Records) 1993,

“Clammer and Sprint (93B)” on Experience the NOW Sound of Chicago’s HOT Wicker Park CD (TPG) 1994

“Logic Negation System” on Hunter’s Safety 7″(Coat-tail) 1994

“Modulation Decay Unit” on split 7″ with No Safety (Coat-tail) 1994

“Deception” on Sixty Second Compilation (Coat-tail) 1995

“Demonic Velocities” on CIA Via UFO to Mercury LP (bootleg) 1995 (Atavistic) 1997

“This is What We Do To Our Enemies” on The Miracle of Levitation (Gentle Giant) 1995

“Hi-Fidelity Improvisation” on Easter, Puberty & Amplifiers (Ignivomous) 1996

“Son of Sisyphus” on Chicken Bomb (Lumpen Times) 1996

“Demonic Velocities” on Camp Skin Graft (Skin Graft) 1997

“Throwing Bricks” on In Bulb-O-Phonic (Bulb) 1997

“Into the Vastness of Stupidity” on The Basement Recordings-Live at Cicero’s (On the Clock) 1997

A segment on The Miracle of Re-Creation video compilation (Gentle Giant) 1997

“The Shriek Continues” on Knormalities (Delphine Knormal) 1999

“Maximum Cruelty” on The Nature of Systems  (Carbon) 2000

“Dog Death” on (Analogous Indirect, 2000)

“Murdermachinemuzak” (Revenge album version) on Angular Fever (Eye Gauge, NZ) 2001

“Trauma 11 (edit)” on Winter Construction (Dead CEO) 2001

“Trauma 1 (edit)” on a CD included with issue 17 of the Austrian mag Revelation, 2001,

“Total Assymmetry” on Troubleman Mix Tape  (Troubleman Unlimited) 2001

“Destruktion Ritual” (5/01 demo version) on Keep Frozen (Perverted Son) 2001

“Infektion” (album version) on 2003 Troubleman Unlimited sampler

“Self-Subverting Heterogeniety (composite abstract)” on Tarot or Aorta: Memories of a PRE-festival (Smack Shire) 2003

“Infinite Annihilation” on an untitled compilation CD-R released by Alamagator Records 2004

“Demonic Velocities” (live) – on End Times Festival 2006 (End Times Festival) 2006


Kkring Number One


Trauma 1 (Edit)


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