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Nikki Louder are a Slovenian band that plays fairly messy hardcore/math/noise hybrid with distorted guitars and machine-gun drumming being the primary weapons of choice. “Alain I’m Sorry” is their second album, which is available for download here and here.
I have no problem with non-vocal part of the band – they all sounds fine (although occasionally songs become indistinguishable from each other) and fairly convincing in their attack, but vocals seem to be the weakest point here. Band’s lead singer sometimes sounds much like David Yow, but he also have an unfortunate tendency to slip into a freeform and tuneless hardcore yelling/barking.
For that reason, my favorite song on the record have to be an instrumental – “No Disko For You Silly Dancers”. All in all, not too bad, but a bit more emphasis on making individual songs stand out and a better concentration on vocals would be nice.

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album name is ALAIN I'M SORRY…

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