New Music Releases – Aarktica – In Sea
New Music Releases – Aarktica – In Sea

New Music Releases – Aarktica – In Sea

Aarktica In Sea

Associated Entries: Aarktica

Format: CD

Label: Silber Records

Sixth full-length by Jon DeRosa project Aarktica. Includes a cover of Danzig song “Am I Demon?”

“In Sea” is Jon DeRosa’s sixth-full length release as Aarktica and a return to the sound Aarktica established on its debut “No Solace In Sleep” in 2000.

While In Sea’s title is a nod to Terry Riley’s landmark minimal composition “In C,” DeRosa also pays tribute to his teachers La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela (“LYMZ”), with whom DeRosa studied composition and Indian classical vocal music during the difficult years following his sudden deafness. He credits Young & Zazeela with teaching him how to hear without ears, relying on the physical vibrations of his instrument and his vocal chords. This ability allows him to create more detailed and nuanced guitar structures than most could make even with full use of their ears.

Tracklist: I Am (The Ice) / LYMZ / Hollow Earth Theory / A Plague Of Frost (In The Guise Of Diamonds) / In Sea / Onward! / Young Light / Autumnal / Corpse Reviver No.2 / Instill / When We’re Ghosts / Am I Demon?


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