Review // Bill MacKay / Nathan Bowles – Keys
Review // Bill MacKay / Nathan Bowles – Keys

Review // Bill MacKay / Nathan Bowles – Keys

Bill MacKay Nathan Bowles Keys

Words: James Dillon

Two artists whose music I have loved the last few years and who ignored the advice of never crossing the streams have come together to make this album.

Bill has worked with Ryley Walker, Rob Frye(new album out this month), Matt Lux. While Nathan is in Black Twig Pickers plus worked with the late Jack Rose, Steve Gunn, Jake Xerxes Fussell, Black Dirt Oak, Rosali to name a few.

For this album, the duo have moved in the direction of bluegrass, folk and roots sounds and what a gorgeous album it is.

The new single Dowsing is a gorgeous track which I listened to while looking out of my front window watching the sun go down.

I listened to an interview with them and it’s sounds like there was room for improvisation during recording and it sounds all the better for it.

I love, love love this record, perfect record for early spring(or anytime of course).

Keys by Bill Mackay and Nathan Bowles  was released 9th April via Drag City.


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