Report Card #2: Skyjelly / Solilians Split
Report Card #2: Skyjelly / Solilians Split

Report Card #2: Skyjelly / Solilians Split

Skyjelly Solilians Vinyl Split

I Like How Warm That Sounds – Indie Mixtape

I love the deliberate nod to Konkurrent’s IN THE FISHTANK series. I hope any future installments of this also try to work in collaborative tracks. the tracks on this totally smoke btw, really tasty split! – MummyMaster420

I’ve had a fairly constant taste in music all my life: I like anything I haven’t heard before. So I waver about Skyjelly. There are these overly familiar indie elements, but they are immersed in interesting noises. – Rene Kita

skyjelly plays watercolory drone-psych with unexpected guitar lines that are a real *chef’s kiss*

solilians has a unique atmospheric thing going, like hearing a stoner rock band while underwater


Another round of hearty “thank yous” going out to everyone that took time to listen to our Skyjelly / Solilians split and comment on it (or even play a song on their show)! Report card #1 can be found here.

CD version of the split is sold out (thank you Wormhole World) and we’re down to about 140 vinyl copies from the original vinyl run. There’s also Paul Doliner directed video for Gowron Breaths by Solilians which we highly recommend everyone to watch – think holy psychedelic cosmic kitties meet some trippy goodness.

Onto the rest now….


Loose Cannon #349

Featured track(s): Skyjelly – Woke Up With a Smile /  Solilians – Gowron Breaths

Other artists featured: Iggy and the Stooges, The Dickies, Macula Dog, Victor DeLorenzo, TV Face

Thank you: Simon Edwards

The Moderns ep. 107

Featured track(s): Solilians – Gowron Breaths

Thank you: Kevin Press

Bot on Parade

Featured track(s): Skyjelly – Seein It

Thank you: WZBC


Toy Box Smoke: A Hidden Tribute To Flying Nun

Many heavy pals contributed to a planned very limited low key cassette compilation (basically enough copies to give to all the contributors with a handful leftover) in tribute to the godlike genius of Flying Nun, but world historical reasons have put a damper on that plan for now

… For the time being I’ve put it up on Mixcloud for anyone to enjoy. It took longer than I expected (first track I got was from Dire Wolves more than a year ago and the last one was from Archie Moore last week!), but it was worth the wait as every track here is my favorite…

Skyjelly (covering Straitjacket Fits) plus Landing, Huevos II, The Prefab Messiahs, Dire Wolves and many more

Thank you: Just Listening to Records

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