Listen: 18 – An I Heart Noise Guest Mix from Solilians
Listen: 18 – An I Heart Noise Guest Mix from Solilians

Listen: 18 – An I Heart Noise Guest Mix from Solilians


Solilians space drone dreams are the interstellar journeys of mystic seekers, mantra minimalism for the next generation. Benjamin Malkin’s slow motion ambient dub prisms of klezmer melody refract Sharon Malkin’s Mediterranean Hebrew beauty; while Gabriel Walsh’s psychedelic sci-fi edge dances with Neptune Sweet’s otherworldly cosmic majesty, all coming together on Shin, the four-piece’s debut full-length. Think Stereolab slowed down to Stars Of The Lid.
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We’re proud to present a mix from Ben Malkin from Solilians, a very special band that blends together space rock/drone and Jewish mysticism. In addition to playing with Solilians Ben runs a label called Goodbye Better, which is a home to both his own projects and those of fellow NYC acts such as Soundpool, ifwhen and many others. Shin, Solilians latest, come out on GB in 2016 and we highly recommend listening to that one if you’re into shoegaze/space rock/drone/ambient.

Solilians are playing our upcoming show at AS220 in Providence along with MV & EE, Petridisch, Guiding Light, Skyjelly and Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs). There’s also an upcoming 7″ split featuring their new recordings, which we’re not going to say a lot about at this point, but trust us when we say that we heard blew our minds and it will surely blow yours too.
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While we’re waiting for all this greatness to happen, here’s a mix that Ben put together for us. 18 high-quality cuts from the likes of Landing, Windy & Carl, Dead Leaf Echo, Skyjelly, Dirty Three and many more. Dive in!


The 1865 – John Brown’s Gat
MV & EE with the Toast’d Clam – Satisfied
MRC Riddims – Haterz (feat. Moneyback)
Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte, Iggy Pop – Loneliness Road (w. Iggy Pop)
The Earthly Frames – Getting Started in Tempography
Electric Djinn – MIST
Landing – Nod – listen to guest mix from Landing
Guiding Light – Jesus – listen to guest mix from Jason Sebastian Russo aka Retsoor
Windy & Carl – Forest Trails
The Stargazer Lilies – Magenta Sunrise
Skyjelly – Sixes
Dead Leaf Echo –
Zion80 – V’Shamru
Petridisch – Hit Rendition II
The Far Rockaway Cocks – Porno Mag
Alice Coltrane – Keshava Murahara
Dirty Three – She Has No Strings
So L’il – Slowly
Note that there’s also an abridged 13 track Spotify version of the playlist available.

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